Discussion Localization problems in Google


Oct 2, 2013
Sorry, I could not find a proper place to ask this question.

It is about Google's superfluous and inconsistent localization (IMO).
I live in Hong Kong but I cannot read Chinese. Every time I open Google.com the interface is entirely in Chinese, and there is no way to change the language. (Luckily gmail has this option! Please, Google DO NOT TAKE IT AWAY!)
Looking for a link to change the language I blindly click on the link at the bottom. Strangely some of them are in Chinese, others in English. Why?

  1. 广告 opens "Grow your business with Google Ads" in English.
  2. 商务 means opens "免費使用 Google 與客戶互動" in Chinese. All buttons take you to "403. 發生錯誤。很抱歉,你沒有存取這個網頁的權限。 這是我們僅有的資訊", which should mean ERROR 403.
  3. Google 大全 opens a multi-colored message in the center in Chinese 我們的使命是匯整全球資料,以供大眾使用及帶來效益。
  4. Google 搜索的运作方式 shows a page IN ENGLISH! "How Google Search works".
  5. 隐私权 opens a page in Chinese
  6. 条款 is also in Chinese
  7. 设置 opens a menu in Chinese with pages all in Chinese.
I wonder how the world's top specialists in networking in a multi-billion company haven't put a simple link for language preference! When Google showed their front page in English, but Google books was still in Chinese I asked them to make it possible to change the language of Google books site, but they bluntly refused "No!" Is it some policy of the mighty Internet giant?


Google "google concessions to china"

First with no restrictions ("All") and then again to "within the last year".

Or vary the search criteria - words, phrasing, etc.. as you wish.

Overall you may discover some explanations as to what is or is not happening.