Logitech 502 Mouse left click not functioning

Aug 9, 2018
Hi! I recently upgraded my PC with a few new components. After transitioning everything into my new PC case though, when we booted it up my mouse didn't work. I could move the cursor all over but for some reason the left click wouldn't work. Eventually I plugged in my old gaming mouse and it was working fine. Me and my brother, who helped me build it, assumed that it might be driver related. It's a Logitech 502 Gaming mouse by the way if it helps. Before messing with its drivers, I opened up the Logitech program to see if maybe that'd help. Once I did that, I grabbed the Logitech mouse and it was working back to normal again. I decided to reinstall the software for the mouse regardless just to be safe though probably for nothing but here's the thing, why? Why did it start working normally again once I opened it's program? It doesn't need to be opened for the mouse to work, just to have my specific settings on it. So, I'm just curious if anyone understand what opening the Logitech's program did to make it suddenly go back to normal again when it comes to left click. Thank you in advance, I know this seems pointless now that it's fixed.