Question Logitech g933 vs Logitech g935?

Jul 25, 2020
I no longer have much faith in Logitech. My replacement G933 has failed as well. The first failed within 3-4 months. Logitech replaced with the "white" version of the G933. Now it has failed as well. Great sound IMO...really good, but the mic is crap. The first G933 mic failed sound at all - within game client, at OS level, or using G Hub. I suspect a mic element failure. Now the replacement is toast. I worked for a month or so, but started emitting harsh scratching and crackling sounds when moving the mic boom. I suspect the integreated mic boom switch in the left cup that allows muting of the mike with a simple push up. I really like this feature as it's quick and easy, BUT now it has crapped out. Also, it's a omni-directional mic; but why? What's the purpose of a omnidirectional mic in a gaming environment. Then there's the flashing lights BS. For $150 you would expect a headset that this model. So Logitech, how bout better quality and less gee-whiz bang flashing lights. I would never recommend this headset for anyone. Danger!