Question Looking for a good webcam (and program) for body photography ?


Jul 23, 2014
I fully realize how the title makes it sound like I'm trying to get into the onlyfans business, but this is actually a health matter, believe it or not.

You see, I want to start screening myself for potential melanomas. I won't go into uncalled-for detail, but some of the moles on my body feel suspicious by the accepted A-B-C-D-E identification criteria ("feel" as in weird shape/elevation), so I want to track them photographically and note down any changes.
I need a webcam with good quality (enough to see fine details like skin texture and such) that comes some kind of short, telescoping pole that I can use to look at my back and the back of my neck and head and note down any changes, and preferably some way to adjust focus from my PC. The idea is that I would connect it to my computer, open some program and, while looking at my monitor, extend the camera and scan those hard to reach spots. I'm not looking for anything super professional and high-end, but given that this concerns my health, my budget here is very flexible. I would dearly appreciate any advice on the manner.

Btw, If you're wondering why I'm not just going to a dermatologist to get some preventative screening, I tried that. 4 times. None of them wanted to even look at me, telling me that I should only come to them if I tracked those moles myself and noticed any changes, apparently unable to comprehend the notion that I might not be able to easily see them because they're on my back and that keeping track of fine details like shape and color is very difficult without a camera (by the way - this was my idea, not theirs - they suggested nothing). I fear that they might also expect me to operate on myself if I do find anything they consider noteworthy.


Full disclosure: I am not a doctor and not offering medical advice.

My suggestion is that you share your concerns with your primary care doctor and let him or her take a first look.

Then if there is a concern about a mole or other abnormality get a referral to a qualified dermatologist. With the backing of your doctor you are more likely to get some attention.

==== Camera suggestion ====

That said consider an indoor type security camera with PTZ (Pan, tilt, and Zoom) 1080 pixels.

You could use a wireless version to make initial camera placement easy and controllable from the keyboard/mouse. Then you can scan and record as you deem applicable.

Product example: Amcrest. However there are many such products available. You will want a quality product.

I have one (older version) and have found it to be a very solidly and sound product. Wireless setup is a bit confusing and awkward. Once established all seems to run well.

Software (Amcrest Surveillance Pro) comes with the camera and can capture video and stills for the record.

Not sure about how physically close you can get to the subject object (i.e., your body) but that is likely in the specs or obtainable via Amcrest or any other camera product being considered. Zoom can be quite close sometimes.