Question Looking for a monitor with specific preferences


Jan 31, 2019
I've gone through two monitors that respectively had horrible backlight bleeding and horrible IPS glow and were way too distracting to use. I'm looking for something without either of those (so nothing IPS) first and foremost, 1920x1080p resolution, 60hz, no colour degradation at different viewing angles or anything like that, nothing outright bad with response time, a pricepoint of nothing above just slightly more than $130 and the ability to turn off dynamic contrast ratio if dynamic contrast rario exists. I don't really care about size and my primary use is video games.

I've tried looking on my own and I've run into a number of problems with that. The information I've received on the pros and cons of certain specs is almost always incomplete (sites and people vehemently recommending IPS panelling over TN with no mention of IPS glow) and I've gotten conflicting information on singular monitor models (my friend with an Acer G215HV ABD reports no backlight bleeding whatsoever, but a review of one said it was quite noticeable for the user).

Can anyone suggest something? Specific models would be preferred but I'd also appreciate spec guidelines.
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Backlight bleed is more of a quality control issue so when you see a model with more mentioning of it, they more than likely just have bad qc or are using cheap components. You will still see higher end $300 models with a few reviews of it because this isn't a perfect world and only higher end models get a more thorough individual check.

With the budget you are looking at, there is no way you will get a monitor with a higher level of qc that will guarantee no backlight bleed. I'm typing this from a cheapo $100 ips(lg 23" 1080p, dropped to $80 before they stopped selling years ago) that I got with no blb so it is possible. But you don't want ips glow and any budget ips will have it so let's just not go with ips. You want no color degradation at angles so that leaves out tn. That leaves va which isn't as good as ips angles but quite a bit better than tn. You do need to look out for ghosting with budget va panels. Ignore response times as they can put any number they want with ridiculous inverse ghosting. Budget monitors typically don't have any pro reviews and user reviews are unreliable but that's the only info you can go off so this is not an easy task.