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  1. T

    Question Desperately need help with new PC that's died.

    Hi all I built a new PC 4 weeks ago and the PC would restart itself every few days randomly, under no strain, heavy strain, everything. A few days ago it completely died on me and I couldn’t even boot it up. It stuck itself in a boot loop. The current furthest into the PC I can get is here...
  2. Lairiak

    Question Newly installed 2060 SUPER from ZOTAC experiencing erratic usage with simple applications

    It's just as the title says. To preface this post, yes, I've already tried DDU to cleanly reinstall drivers. I did this before and after cleanly reinstalling Windows, even. And it was still to no avail. It leads me to believe that it is likely a hardware issue. My GPU usage fluctuates from 7%...
  3. JoyousAxle

    Question PC not booting after dusting off, red light on motherboard

    Recently i thought I would dust off my PC, and I used a hair dryer(set to room temperature) to do it. Got a rid of a ton of dust, but now it won't boot up. Power's on but no signal to screen, and a solid red light is shining on the motherboard. Realized after googling that hair dryer probably...
  4. Scwoobs

    Question NEED HELP!

    pc has been running rough lately, and for some reason my cpu is locked at 2.8 ghz and it suffers with fps now. all low graphics on destiny 2 and its around 60 fps. this link will show my cpu z summary and specs please help, thank you
  5. Immense13

    Question 2 GPUs for seperate dispalys

    Hey guys, I've never personally tried this, however, I was fairly certain that it would work. I have a 2070S coming in the mail within the week, currently running a RX580, however I would like to use both cards in the same system. Now I know that AMD cards mess with NVIDA (so I've heard) that's...
  6. C

    Question No signal after playing game for a while, sometimes with GPU fans going full speed

    Hello, I've been having an issue this past few days where when playing pretty much any kind of game, especially one that's more intensive, after a certain amount of time my screens will all go black before flashing a no signal message. Some of these times the fans on my video card start running...
  7. Yubix

    Question HyperX Cloud Stinger Core 7.1 issues

    idk where to post this so im just gonna post it here ive posted this on the hyperx subreddit, no answers, so hopefully i can get some here i got the hyperx cloud stinger core 7.1 recently and in the first hours of use i already ran into two problems 1. when i was gaming and in a call with my...
  8. E

    [SOLVED] Is my laptop original?

    Hey, everyone! I have a laptop here bought it about 8 or 9 years ago..... This is an ASUS K55A-SX096R! I tried searching it for google but it won't came up. I have a seal in here.. It has two seals that can't be removed these are the seals: It has the microsoft...
  9. J

    Question B350 GAMING PLUS

    Hey guys! I bought new ryzen 9 3900x and I have motherboard B350 GAMING PLUS, And I found few bios versions that support new ryzen cpus(ryzen 3000s). I'd like to ask if this bios version supports the cpu? or
  10. Question Upgraded CPU however crash before i get to windows home screen

    I made a post about this before and one of my problems was my cooler however i have now fixed the cooler (which was broken) but im still getting this error every single time i launch windows This happens everytime and it is just a continous loop My specs Gigabye h110m-s2h motherboard cpu- was...
  11. J

    Question PC restarting - advice on next steps

    Hi guys, I have returned from a year abroad to my PC which now seems to be cutting power when gaming, GPU load is almost never more than 60% as per the AMD system monitor, and CPU and GPU temps are 30-50 Celsius. Updating drivers does not help. Computer also restarts on GPU stress test, not on...
  12. Candyhands

    Question BSOD - NTOSKRNL.exe

    Hey, I keep getting multiple BSOD's daily. Some times it will be shortly after boot, sometimes it will be after a while. But all of them point back to this kernel executable. I've done ddu clean installs of both my gpu, and audio drivers. I've also run all of the suggested command prompts like...
  13. Indgo

    Question New build can’t get it to turn on?

    Pc won’t turn on? New build for a friend Hi there, I’m pretty sure I have everything Hooked up to the mother board correctly. Still fairly new but I have an extra PCIE Cable not being used as my RX 550 doesn’t have a connected for power? Also not sure where to plug the 8 pin for the CPU as the...
  14. J

    Question USB port turning on and off

    Hi! I just set up a new PC for a friend and he has 2 USB ports on the front. 1x USB 2.0 1x USB 3.0 the 2.0 port works fine, however the 3.0 port constantly connects and disconnects. I've made sure the USB headers, cables & 24-PIN mobo power cable are all secure and corrected positioned...
  15. S

    Question Low FPS in only Modern Warfare with 9900k and 2080ti

    Hello, so I have been experiencing some issues recently with my Modern Warfare game. For the past week or so I've been having incredibly bad fps (from 130 smooth fps to 40fps) I'm running a 5120x1440 resolution and I used to get anywhere from 160-130 fps depending on the place of the map...
  16. Orlandofive

    Question Unusual issue with my new RTX card

    Hello, I recently bought an RTX 2070 Super FE, and before I continue, I should mention that I already spoke to Nvidia customer support almost immediately after receiving it since I had this issue the moment I bought the card, and they ended up shipping a replacement card. I was convinced the...
  17. Enchilada246

    Question Constant blue screens

    I'm not playing or executing any game after some minutes I get a blue screen, which only can be solved by restarting. I've deleted all inside my hard disk drive and instaled it again and I keep getting blue screens while not playing anything. I've also tried reinstalling my oparative sistem and...
  18. E

    Question Hi! (please click it)

    Can the chipset support what it can't support on a cpu feature? Like, for example, the intel chipset chief hm76 cannot support the "Intel® Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VT-d)" but a specific cpu can support it, that specific cpu has the same compatible socket on ur mobo and there...
  19. Bixmox

    [SOLVED] Some apps are blurred while others aren't. Help.

    Some of the apps on windows are blurred for me for some reason, I use 125 scaling which is marked with (Recommended) I am on a 1920x1080 laptop. What can I do to fix this? I have tried the built in troubleshooter with no success. Some apps which are blurred: When I download something and it...
  20. SnaccR

    Question PC freezes at windows start-up

    I woke up today to find out that my pc wouldnt boot up, after cleaning it and replacing thermal paste i tried booting it up and it always frezes on the windows start-up. I hear the sound that something shut down every time it happens so it might be the mobo causing the problem. Please help, thanks.