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  1. D

    Question Gigabyte b660 DS3H DDR4 5 Beeps and No Video

    Hello all, So, I recently decided to upgrade my system with the new i3-12100f. I got a gigabyte B660 DS3H DDR4 motherboard to go with it along with some new ram. I kept all of my old components, including a Saphire 270x GPU and 800w PSU. Problem is that when I turn on the system I get 5 beeps...
  2. X

    Build Advice 9 Argb Fans on one connector

    Hi there. I am looking to build a pc in the near future. The case I am going to use for my build is the Metallicgear Neo Qube and has support for up to 9 120mm fans. For my fans I want to get the InWin Sirius Extreme fans. You can daisy chain all the fans together (4 pin pwm connectors and...
  3. QuiznosSubs

    Question PC is frozen on gigabyte load screen ?

    [Moderator edit to break up one solid paragraph of text.] I have a custom loop. I drained, flushed, replaced tubes, and filled my loop again. Before I have the system power I made sure everything was dry, all is well there. I finish filling the system and bring it back to my room and begin to...
  4. O

    Question Need help with PC issues

    Specs - CPU - i7 10700K COOLER - NZXT Kraken X61 MOBO - Asrock B560 PRO4 RAM - Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB @3000 GPU - Gigabyte RTX 3060 Ti OC M.2 SSD - WD Blue SN550 NVMe 1TB SSD - Crucial MX500 1TB SSD - Crucial MX500 2TB PSU - Corsair HX1000 I have 2 possible faults from recent upgrades but...
  5. santijamesf

    Question Possible keyboard drivers issue

    So my PC has been having a really annoying issue since yesterday. I believe it's the keyboard drivers at fault but I don't really know because I already tried fixing it to no avail. Basically, the up key is constantly being pressed and I can't seem to fix it because I can't even make it to the...
  6. ExtantRS

    [SOLVED] Crackling noise in headset and pc freezes for a few seconds

    Hello Hey guys So I'm having this issue ( title ) and I really have no clue what's causing it. Let me start with my Pc specs first: MB: ASUS TUF Z690F D4 PLUS WIFI CPU: Intel Core i7 12700K GPU: Msi 2080TI Gaming X Trio RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB DDR4 3200MHZ (2x16GB) PSU: Seasonic...
  7. Kandice44

    Question Q-Code 93 PCI Bus Hot Plug Controller Initialization.

    Hello, I just got a new PC (with some of my old pc parts) and suddenly I've got this Q-Code 93 PCI Bus Hot Plug Controller Initialization. The PC won't start at first (the bios pops up and won't boot into windows 10) but after I reset it it boots normally. What can i do to fix this issue? Every...
  8. S

    Question Why does my Lenovo laptop have no sound?

    I can't figure out for the life of me why me Lenovo thinkpad x1 has no sound. I suddenly realized I couldn't get sound from speakers or headphones. This laptop is only 4 years old. I have tried everything. I have reinstalled audio drivers, made sure nothing was muted, reinstalled windows...
  9. idrhouse

    Question Can this F4-3600C18D-16GTZRX run at 3000 C18(at least) X4 in double dual rank or single rank?

    Hello, I have 2 kits "F4-3600C18D-16GTZRX" that runs at 1866(4x8GB SR) and can´t go higher speed, I want to use it at the OC speed tested by manufacture but I have troubles with it in my Ryzen 5 2600X so, Im looking for a new motherboard (I bought a Ryzen 7 5800X) that can handle with the 4X8GB...
  10. M

    Question Looking for bios expert

    So i went to update my bios after my pc wouln't start after first start up with not getting image but 2nd start up was fine. so i went to take latest bios version for my current Motherboard but it ended up being bad choice since my cpu required abit older version of the update. Now im facing...

    Question Rocket League will not stop crashing no matter what I do?? I'm absolutely losing it :(

    Hey everyone! I legitimately need some help. I just bought an Alienware 15 R2 there's absolutely no problems other than this game. I main this game and play it the most. Bought a laptop due to not having my setup currently. i7 6700HQ 2.60GHz 8GB 2666MHz NVIDIA GTX 980M 8GB 240GB SSD Ok now to...
  12. Tylo19

    Question Knocked psu cable out. Now monitor wont pick up signal.

    Hi i need some help. While the pc was on i have knocked the psu cable out. Plugging it back in, pc fans spin (mb, psu, case), keyboard lights come on, gpu fan doesn't spin but lights are on but my monitor gets no signal. I tried plugging it into the tv with a hdmi cable and still nothing on...
  13. Ewan_Partridge

    Question what am3+ motherboards support sli?

    what am3+ motherboards support sli? dont want any criticism in the replys just want some awnsers please and thanks
  14. Ewan_Partridge

    Question nvidia control panel doesnt show sli config it only shows config surround, PhysX

    i have an IV formula motherboard with 2 gtx 780s but sli config isnt showing up in nvidia control panel
  15. S

    Question PC keeps shutting down unless I press motherboard's start button ?

    This has been plaguing me for a while, to the point where my PC has been sitting dead for about 4 months. So about 75% of the time, turning on my PC will result in it shutting off within a second or two, then it will not respond at all to the power button. The MB has a Start button on it, and...
  16. Ewan_Partridge

    Question is a EVGA 600w psu enough for a gtx 780 in sli?

    hello in my pc i currenty have: amd fx 8350 16gb ddr3 1600mhz gtx 780 (soon to be sli) 450w psu(soon to be 600) i was wondering if 600w would cut it? (for sli)
  17. thiago5044

    Question Everything in my pc works but not when put together

    My previous mobo died a couple of weeks back and i had to buy a new one, this started my absolute goddamn nightmare My build: Ryzen 5 2600x 2x8 gb ram Kingston 2666mhz Seagate 1 terabyte SSD B450M-AC Rx 570 8gb phantom gaming PSU: Antec 750w Gold The PC just flat out doesn't give any...
  18. stain1011

    Question Tried everything and PC still won't post after months

    New here so don't kill me if I'm doing something wrong :P Anyways, I got a new processor for christmas and after installing it, my PC wouldn't post. Fans are running, lights are on, but no video signal. There is also no light in the power button, like there was before. I first tried putting...
  19. F

    [SOLVED] Will a PCI 4.0 GPU work in a PCI 3.0 slot ?

    Hi all, Almost 2 years ago I built a new PC with a Gigabyte Z490I AORUS ULTRA Mini ITX LGA1200 motherboard. At the time, the graphic cards were already quite expensive but I wasn't in a hurry and thought I would be able to get one at a decent price a couple of months later! :oops: Almost 2...
  20. J

    Question Cpu hiccups

    Hi! My cpu is skipping twice every 9 seconds exactly, stuttering my whole pc. It's visible in the taskmanager. It started yesterday and is consistant what do i do?
  21. Vorthulus

    Question Custom built PC locking up and freezing

    My custom built PC ( Yes I built it myself and probably messed it up first time builder ) when booted up will slowly over a span between 8 - 10 min will lock up and not respond; can't wake it from sleep, screen still on try to interact / move mouse no response and the only thing that brings it...
  22. K

    Question Mobo only sometimes powers on

    Hey all, I've been running into an issue lately where my only sometimes wants to boot. And when it's in sleep mode it won't turn on at all. So when it's turned off, about 80% of the time it won't post. It''s off, leds in casing are on, I push the power button, fans turn on for a sec and nothing...
  23. V

    Question Computer green screens after a sec of login, sometime it comes back and then it green screens again. Usually blacks out after and I have to reboot pc

    Case: TT H200 TG Snow RGB Power Supply: 650 W gigabtye Motherboard: PRIME B550-PLUS AC-HES CPU: amd ryzen 5 5600x RAM: 16gb G.skill ddr4 3200 Graphics Card: Gigabtye GeForce RTX 3060 TI 8GB GDDR6 Storage: WB Blue NVME 1tb OS: Windows 10 I have tried different hdmi cables, and dp cable. Only...
  24. A

    Question GTX 1060 low fps in all games, except if I start CRSED:FOAD beforehand

    Very weird issue I am unable to solve for long time. On PC startup all games run low fps. Then I start CRSED:FOAD and it fixes everything. Win 10 pro 64-bit Intel i5 8400 @ 2.80 GHZ GTX 1060 6 GB gigabyte 384.94 drivers 16 GB RAM Lenovo G25 monitor @144hz G-SYNC GPU is hitting 75-80 Celsius...
  25. L

    Question Low FPS with low CPU and GPU usage in one specific game? Ryzen 5 3600, RTX 3070

    Hello. So for a while now I've been getting low FPS, stutters and freezing in one specific game - Escape from tarkov - but my CPU and GPU usage both sit around 20 - 40%. It's bizarre because it doesn't happen in any other game. Like yeah - I get the occasional stutter or freeze in other games -...
  26. behjamin22

    Question Flickering vertical lines on Dell S2721D IPS monitor

    Hello, I have recently purchased a 27 inch Dell S2721D IPS monitor. I've been using the monitor for about two weeks with no problems, until a patch of flickering vertical lines appeared on the top left of the screen. I have determined that the issue isn't coming from my PC, as the lines are...
  27. S

    Question PC won't repair C Drive

    I've recently been dealing with a slight stutter on my PC, and I've been told that it was an issue with my C drive. I have checked the drive, and it is in fact in need of repair. The only issue is, it won't let me repair it. I've run "chkdsk" through the Command Prompt, I've scanned and...
  28. S

    [SOLVED] Slight stutter on PC

    I’ve recently been having an issue with my PC, and am hoping that someone here smarter than me might be able to help. Since installing the latest Nvidia Drivers, V.511.23, I’ve been dealing with an incredibly annoying stutter. It’ll happen about once every minute or so, and it’ll just freeze...
  29. S

    [SOLVED] Over the last month or so, I've been getting random BSODs ?

    Hello I have the following system: AMD Ryzen 5 4650G Asus B550m-Plus 32 GB (4 x 8 GB) RAM Crucial Ballistix 3200MT/s (XMP) 512 Gb M.2 NVME Adata XPG 550W Super Flower 80 Plus Gold power supply And in the last month or so, I've been having random BSODs that I can't find the reason of. At...
  30. GalacticGeek_

    [SOLVED] Is 8GB RAM reallly that bad ? or is it something entirely else wrong with my PC? (Halo infinite and Warzone is unplayable).

    PC SPECS : OS :Windows 10 CPU: Intel Core i3 9100F @ 3.60GHz RAM: 8.00GB Single-Channel @ 2400MHz MOTHERBOARD: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. PRIME H310M-E R2.0 Graphics Card : 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER Storage: SDD and a HDD SDD (OS is installed here and halo infinite) ...
  31. Question White dots on new screen, certain apps

    Getting white dots appearing on screen in certain apps when I interact with anything, but only on my second monitor. Just recently bought the ASUS VG27Q1A monitor and I'm noticing some white dots appearing on screen. I have it hooked up to my DELL laptop which has an rtx 3060 and an 11th gen...
  32. L

    Question PC freezing but not in stress tests ?

    Hey all, I've been having freezing issues with a PC I bought this summer, basically since day one. It will freeze, usually when gaming (especially if it is a more demanding game) or rarely when doing something regular like browsing the web. I've tried plenty of stress test tools and none have...
  33. W

    Question Constant and random BSOD when using pc

    Ive had this pc for quite a while and it likes to randomly blue screen. sometimes it will go a month without doing it once then do it multiple times in one day. I have the crash dump files here: On Sun 12/12/2021 1:16:09 PM your computer crashed or a problem was reported crash dump file...
  34. skidrush

    [SOLVED] Random black screens and strange graphics card behavior ?

    For the past two months 2-3 times a month my monitor has been randomly turning black and my graphics card behaving weirdly. These black screens are caused by "hiccups" from my graphics card where the fan speed will suddenly increase for about half a second and the screen will turn black no...
  35. jgreener6

    Question Need help finding 4 Pin laptop fan header

    Hello! Recently I was repasting my laptops and upon reassembly I accidentally bent the cpu's fan header pins (I know, stupid and careless mistake), in a attempt to bend them back into place I accidentally broke several of them off. Im having a hard time finding anything online that would be...
  36. I

    [SOLVED] My PC keeps crashing to blue screen of death, and windows media tool doesnt work

    Hi all, recently my PC has been behaving quite oddly. At first, it started with my PC simply just crashing explorer.exe a lot, I'd have to restart my computer because the explorer kept hanging. Recently though it's been behaving more oddly, it requires a disk checkup on boot and then, blue...
  37. S

    Question Need help with a Freezing PC

    -Asus B550-F Gaming (Wifi) -AMD Ryzen 7 3800x -G.Skill RipJaws V Series 32GB (16x2) DDR4 3200 -Samsung SSD 980 (1tb) -Corsair RM750 ATX Power Supply -PNY Geforce GT 710 I put this build together around January/February. It was fine for a while, but eventually the PC would Blue Screen randomly...
  38. J

    Question Asrock Z590 Pro4 Motherboard Help - DRAM and CPU lights on.

    So, i've just built my PC and i'm facing a few issues. The PC boots from a 120gb Kingston SSD (windows drive) but i've also got a WD 1TB drive and a 1TB KINGSTON A2000 installed. The CPU is an i5 11600K The RAM is 2x8 KINGSTON FURY Renegade Black, DDR4 3200MHz The PSU is a new Antec HCG750...
  39. VenusMinus

    Question LiveKernelEvent 141 crashes ?

    Hello, I have a game crashing to desktop issue where my games freeze, depending on the game I see a error that says that my GPU device has been lost, in event viewer I see event id 4101 and in reliability history tool I see livekernelevent 141. Specs : GPU - RTX 2070 Super CPU - i5 8600k RAM -...
  40. M

    [SOLVED] RAM slot / MB fault?

    SPECS: CPU : i7 6700 CPU Fan Cooler : Arctic Freezer 34 eSports DUO PSU : EVGA 700W GD GOLD GPU : Gigabyte RX 590 (rev 2.0) - 8GB MOTHERBOARD : ASUS H110-M Plus RAM : 8 x 1 2133 Mhz CASE : Corsair Spec-Delta RGB —————————————————- My motherboard is kinda broken due to only accepting RAM from...