Dec 4, 2011
Ok so i'm searching for new DDR2 Rams since I cant upgrade to DDR3 on my desktop...

Any suggestion on the cheapest rams? Looking for:
-1Gb (4 of these) or
-2Gb (2 of these) or
-4Gb (just 1)

I'm trying to max it out with atleast 1066Mhz or more. I have 4Gigs on my PC but it's just 333Mhz, so it's pretty sad knowing that a lot of high stuff technology came out, but cant afford new pcs so i just upgrading...
I doubt you will be able to fit in 1x 4 GBs. Your motherboard probably won't recognize it.

Your best bet is 2 x 2GBs.

This webpage from Crucial, a good RAM maker, has a lot of different types of RAM listed including a lot of different speeds of 2x 2GB sticks.

I don't know what your motherboard is, though, so I can't tell you which ones will work with your board.
Go to this link

And do the memory scanner.

I read something that inferred that 2x 2GBs won't work and 1 per slot is the maximum.

I need to know if that is true before I make a recommendation.

This website will verify if that is correct or not.
If I understand it right, you have 4x 1GB PC2-5300 now and the best you can have is 4x 1GB PC2-6400.

If you spend the money on this RAM, I don't think you will see any large gain from it.

Taking a stab in the dark, I would say your computer might be like 5% better with the PC2-6400 instead of the PC2-5300.

I think you will be better off to save your money for a new core.

Do you perhaps have a Micro Center near you?

You can get a new good core for $100 complete with an up to date motherboard, processor, and RAM.

It won't be top of the line, but it will be a lot better than what you have and it won't be much more than how much it will cost you to get your hands on this old RAM.

The prices on the old RAM are pretty high because the supply is low since nobody makes it anymore.

My processor and motherboard would run you $60 total at Micro Center leaving $40 which should get you 2 x 2GBs 1333 RAM.

I would strongly advise you to consider it.
Well, I guess I would just save and save and save then.

I am sad that it is so difficult for you to upgrade.

I wish I could tell you that the RAM would help more, but I can't in good conscience. I would hate to see you spend many hours sorting out the RAM upgrade for only a small benefit.

A bargain basement new core is really the next logical step up, regardless of how much it costs.

Maybe someone there has an old computer they are selling listed in the newspaper or something that is still much better than you have now.