Mar 28, 2004
Riddle me this Crashman...is it possible that the retaining clip on my heatsink\cooling fan isn't strong enough to hold the unit tight against the chip? It's Thermatake Extreme Volcano 12 on an AMD 3000 barton and just closing a drawer on my desk causes the PC to restart...The whole unit (fan & heatsink) moves a little without much pressure applied to it. If so could you suggest a better product to cool my cpu. p.s. This fan is so noisy I call my PC the Screamer. thanks for your time, Terry

Can't hit a lob wedge...


Former Staff
It's possible, but not likely to reset your system that quickly. You're talking a few milliseconds at most of lost contact. I'm guessing you have a short in your system, perhaps a spare standoff under your motherboard that is only a few microns away from touching, making contact when the thing gets jarred. Other issues that can cause this include loose RAM or cards that aren't inserted properly. I have an old SCSI card that, if it gets moved at all, looses contact.

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