Question Losing internet connection when playing demanding games

Oct 4, 2021
Since upgrading from a GTX 970 to a GTX 1080, I have started losing internet connection when playing demanding games. The ones I’ve noticed it on are Star Citizen and Red Dead Redemption 2. After playing for a bit (normally happens within a few mins but can take longer sometimes) I lose WiFi connection. It still shows as connected but there is no internet. If I turn off the internet button in the notification panel I can’t turn it back on, the button just doesn’t work. It fixes itself when I restart my PC. I am using a PCIe WiFi card as ethernet does not work in the room my PC is in. I have tried updating drivers, rolling back drivers, and turning off auto power off of the WiFi card in power settings. Does anyone know what’s causing this/what can fix it. Thanks

specs -

I have tried all the windows fixes suggested to me here, with no luck. However, I wasn't able to update my motherboard drivers as my motherboard is generic and has no support page, and I was directed to get help for this here.

Does anyone know a fix to my issue? Thanks.