Aug 30, 2009
I know that there was a post on this earlier but my situation is a little different. I have the following:
AMD dual core 7750 running at 2.7 and it is the black edition
ATI 4750 512 MB DDR3
4GB 1066 DDR2 Ram
7200 RPM hard drive
530 Watt PSU

What i need to know is why i get such a range of fps in dalaran ill jump between 30-15 fps. In 10 mans Ill be at 5-40fps (i know the more stuff on the screen the worse the fps) and i tend to chill towards the lower end of the fps. I ran AQ and it was at 5fps most of the time it makes the game unplayable. I am not OCing anything at the moment and drivers are up to date. i would assume that my fps would be better than http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/102435-13-world-warcraft-time
but it seems that i am in the same place. i am also running xp 64 bit i can run 32 bit or vista 64/32 i just want my fps to improve
Is your graphic card a 4650 or a 4770 or a 4850 (there is no 4750)? Depending on what your resolution is (say 1680x1050) the most likely answer if your card is a 4770 or a 4850 are your video settings. Turn shadows off or one click up, turn everything else to middle settings where you can. If "ULTRA" is enabled turn it off. Experiment in and around Dalaran with different settings until you're satisfied with both your quality and performance.
Here's some additional information and benchmarks about performance in WoW. The first article is about affinity masking from the WoW forums with numerous blue posts, it's long and starts back in 2007, but quickly comes up to date. The default CPU setting in WoW WotLK is for duo core processors, you can change those settings manually to optimize performance if you have a tricore, quadcore or quad with hyperthreading.

Another thing to remember is just as you wouldn't try to game while running a virus scan, some of the add-ons in WOW are resource hogs (such as auctioneer) make sure only the add-ons you need are enabled.

Here's 2 graphic card review and benchmarks of WoW WotLK. These are fairly close to what i've observed on quite a few different systems, a bit lower for Nvidia cards in the xbit labs benchmarks, but not too far off.


Here's a very recent benchmark comparing CPUs, i'm more hesitant to use this one since it's pretty far off from my own personal experience, but i'll post it anyways. Includes the new i5 750 and i7 860 LGA1156. My own experience with some of the lower cost CPUs is quite a bit higher then what they show.


Hope some of this helps.