Low internet speed while using an Internet Leased Line

Oct 29, 2018
We are facing very low speed access to internet portals. we have a 10Mbps ILL connection and 9 computers. The speed test indicates that the ILL is working at its maximum efficiency. So how can we make our internal systems including the computers more efficient so as to obtain the same speeds on the individual computers? Are there any methods by which we can detect any problems hindering our internet speeds?
With a 10 Mbps connection, if 2 computers try to access the internet at the same time each would only get 5 Mbps (theoretically). The more computers that access the internet the slower the connection to each. The big issue is you are starting with 10 Mbps and then chopping it up. There is no way to get 10 Mbps to each computer simultaneously (well, unless you had a 100 Mbps connection).

You can look into QoS (Quality of Service), but that is more for ensuring each client gets at least a minimum amount of bandwidth rather that maximizing bandwidth to each client. (Making sure that everyone gets a piece of cake by not allowing one person to take the whole cake).
^He covered the central issue, the pipe is SHARED, the more users and Internet processes, the slower it gets.

U can implement QOS so nobody ever get frozen out and allows fair access.

If one of your user fires up a peer-to-peer torrent, he can almost immediately start hundreds of Internet sessions, all by himself and shut down access for the rest. A proper hardware firewall will be able to manage this.
With QoS you will have to give up a small portion of your bandwidth. fq_codel is very nice. all the ubiquiti routers have it and it's one of the few that doesn't need advanced config. The ERX or ER4 run the QoS better than their other ones. $50 ERX is up to 100Mbs. ER4 is more.