Question Low noise fans for spec. sound requirements of a very silent pc with Ryzen >3000

Apr 30, 2020
hi there good day dear guys

i am currentyl looking for low noise fans for spec. sound requirements of a very silent pc with Ryzen >3000: i want to buld up a new desktop-pc with a low noise-sound.
so therefore i am currently looking for the best CPU cooling solutions (air and [[liquid]]) for a new PC systems - for a big form-factor build.
i am aiming for the ultimate low noise PC that doesn’t get noisy even under load:

therefore i need to choose the right CPU cooler: i guess that this is pretty important decision in any PC build or upgrade that can make a big difference in temperatures, noise and
all the coole i have had so far have been very loud. They should keep my chip’s heat under control, and sould not produce any noise pollution.
at the moment i am not very sure whether i want air cooling or a liquid-cooled AIO:

So i need some there things to consider - what to choose:

  • Big air coolers tend to be not as quiet as the liquid-coolers or fanless coolers.
  • Big air coolers tend to be expensive
  • Big air coolers tend to take up more internal space in the PC case, particularly when it comes to vertical clearance off the motherboard.
  • Big air coolers tend to be louder and less efficient at moving heat away from the choice of CPU and out of the chassis, though that’s not always the case.
  • Air coolers seem to cost less than AIOs, though that line is blurring as well.

do you have any tipps - how to proceed - what to choose: are there some tests online where i can see how good modern cooler are - how we can surpresss the noise of the fans?

questions that arise:

  • do you have some quick Tips for me. where to follow?
  • When choosing a CPU cooler, consider the following?
can i take into consideration to obtain a recent Ryzen 3000 CPU? with the 570 chipset ?!

some considerations:
If i am opting for a large air cooler, i just have to make sure to check clearances before buying the stuff.Big coolers (so called monster-coolers) with a damned low-profile models can some times bump up against tall RAM-sockets and besides this some times even VRM heat sinks sometimes. And the tall monster-coolers can cause clearance issues with the case door or window. That said i have to be very very careful: i need to be sure to check the dimensions and advertised clearances of any cooler that i take into consiceration before buying it.

so here you come into play: What do you suggest !? Many thanks for any and all tipp!

btw: see some recommendations of my friends .. about what are some of the best CPU Coolers in the year 2020: class Air-cooler

a. Deepcool Assassin III - the big Air CPU Cooler

2 × 140 × 140 × 25,0 mm
400 – 1.400 U/min
153,5 m³/h
1,8 H²O
29,5 dBA
distance 105 mm (analog 120mm-Lüfter)

b. Scythe-Fuma-2
1 × 120 × 120 × 25,0 mm
300 – 1.200 U/min
36,9 – 113,7 m³/h
0,8 – 1,1 H²O
4,0 – 24,9 dBA

with 100% load 24.3dB(A)

d. Noctua NH-D15

socket-ready: 2011, 2011-3, 2066, 1156, 1155, 1150, 1151, AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, AM4, FM1, FM2, FM2+
formfactor: Tower cooler
cooler: yes
cooler dB(A): 19.2 dB(A)
cooler U/min: 1200 U/min
delta-air: 115.5 m³/h
air-socket: 4-pin PWM
: 161 mm
: 150 mm
: 165 mm

i have read some texts here - to get a first insight - see below


Dec 16, 2016
if you something really quiet for the CPU, there are some new fanless cpu coolers that recently hit a little while ago, they may be something you might want to look into.
LTT Video:

Purchase link (different case 'cant find original') :

then use a water block AIO GPU