Question Lower fps after removing and re installing GTX 1050TI-Is my hardware usage normal?

Jun 11, 2022
I had no signal issue that I solved by removing the GPU and plugging it again into the motherboard which I did twice a year for the past 3 years, this time I noticed my games are slower some games I used to have stable 60fps are giving me 45-50 with fps drops the performance is noticeably lower in many games I have no idea what's wrong and the GPU usage is normal like it used to be before the issue started it's not as noticeable in less demanding games but a certain game I used to get stable 55-60 fps in is suddenly having lower fps 43-45 in some areas which I used to get stable 60 in before and a lot of fps drops in explosions and effects. Other games too are performing worst too.
Is my ram usage and everything else normal?: I used to get much higher fps in LIS3 for example

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