Make a file un-deletable


Jan 12, 2010
Hi All,

I have a lot of films and TV shows on my external hard drive which is kept in sync with a hard drive on my desktop, I lend it out to people who want to copy my films and TV shows and I want a way of making the files un-deletable because people manage to cut and paste the stuff and I want to make it so that it can never happen. I ideally want some way of putting user rights registered to my account of my computer or some master password to edit them, also is there any third party software that will do the job?

Any Ideas will be a great help

C Cowan


Jan 3, 2010
Hello: hope I understand you correctly
in regards to UN-delete file you could try the following :

You can mark the file as read only.
You could keep a backup of the file.
You could use third-party software... for instance spybot
Search & Destroy comes with a teatimer program that locks certain
system files and this could be configured to include your file.
You could also set the USB to be write protected... some have this
capability built in now just like old floppies had the write protect tab

here is the link for spybot Search & Destroy (freeware)