Question Mechanical keyboard keys wont register properly.

Jul 5, 2018
Hello, 2-3 months ago i bought a budget mechanical keyboard, it has Jixian blue switches. Recently i realized the spacebar and esc keys werent registering properly when pressed. For instance if i press spacebar 5 times it would only register 2-3 times.
I saw a video where the guy takes the keycaps off of affected keys and blows the keys while pressing it. This actually worked temporarily and fixed the keys, however after 15 minutes of usage the keys start to not register properly again. Any ideas how can i fix this? I feel like if i take out the caps every 15 mins i'm going to break the keys eventually.


Got a link to the mechanical keyboard you purchased? If the key switch is soldered onto the board, you might want to remove the switch by desoldering it, use a pair of metal tweezers to bridge the contacts on the PCB(to make the system think that you've actuated a switch) and see if it registers in your OS. If the keypress is registered, the issue is with your key switch and needs replacing. If the issue is persistent even after bridging the PCB's contacts, then the issue might very well be with the keyboard's PCB.

FYI, what I'm mentioning is shown in image listed under point numer 4 here;