Question Memtest reporting errors on two new RAM kits ?

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William Sage

May 24, 2015
So I’ve bought memory kits from newegg based upon g.skills compatibility tool is it my understanding that I ran memtest86 on them and errors showed up so I bought another kit of ram and I seem to still be getting errors ?

Ryzen 7900x
F5-6000J3038F16GX2-TZ5NR DDR5-6000, 16x2, CL30-38-38-96 1.35
Currently have exp i enabled
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Sep 10, 2022
This test was run on the ram at stock speed no expo, every setting set to auto

That explains what I said about overclock profile /DOCP / EXPO, that is not suitable to your motherboard, or bios, or memory controller.

so now, step two, turn on the overclock xmp profile whatever it called in your bios, EXPO? which will set the ram to 6000mhz, after that, do not adjust anything else, not the timing not the voltage let those stay at overclock profile.

However, ADJUST the MCLK FCLK to 2800, which will set your ram to 5600mhz. you can find it at overclocking / tweaking section, or simply use ryzen master, it will restart the system and set those two frequencies in bios for you.

Run the test again. Tell us, will you see error?

If yes, compared to the 6000mhz, are there significantly less errors? If yes, that means the cpu / mobo cannot handle the frequency (overclocking profile too high).

Reduce again until you see no error. At whatever the frequency it stops showing errors, I suggest you pick 1-2 stages lower frequency for sustainability.

This is how I made my 4000mhz CL16 kits work on my 5600x which I set to 3800mhz (1900:1900 fclk mclk) + tighten subtimings, and with the docp timing and voltage, my system runs beautifully.

memtest, prime95, occt, I spent days and night and I feel your headache hope all this can help you get the most out of those sticks. Because to be honest, high frequency ram isnt the best choice for AMD, it’s always been like that. Intel is the go if you are keen to do 6000mhz+, even then, advance tweaking and stuffs are always necessary and that may not suits everyone
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Dec 21, 2022
Any update on this? I have the same RAM kit and I'm experiencing the exact same behavior on an ASUS Prime X670-P. Latest greatest firmware. Memtest shows errors with EXPO profile, shows zero errors running RAM stock. G.SKILL lists this motherboard as tested compatible, but ASUS does not list the RAM. Did you have success downclocking the RAM using the EXPO profile as a starting point?

Looking at the ASUS QVL, it doesn't look like ANY DDR-6000 CL30 kits are tested as compatible yet. Best CAS Latency they've tested for 6000 is GL36.