Question Mesh Networking Redundancy

Aug 12, 2019
I have a small farm with multiple buildings. I currently have two ISPs providing internet to two locations. Each location has its own modem and own wireless routers. The two locations are fairly close to each other and I can pick up the others wifi (reliably) from the closest half of each building. It is reliable enough that I would feel confident running a mesh network to connect the two. However, what I would like to do is continue running two modems but hook them both up to a mesh network on either end (ISP modem 1 > Mesh Router Master > Mesh Router Slave >< Mesh Router Slave < Mesh Router Master < ISP Modem 2) so I can run it as a redundant connection so if one ISP loses connection, the other one takes over. Is it possible to run two IPs to the same mesh network without causing any issues? I know some standalone routers have the option for redundant connection (two inputs) but I have not found any for a mesh network.


The only reliable way to use multiple ISPs is with a dual WAN router. You would take the two modem outputs, via ethernet cable to a single router. That one router would handle failover between the two ISPs.

You can't mesh two independent networks, You can't have two DHCP servers (ISP gateways) defined for your clients.

If you have a sketch or map of the area with some dimensions, we may be able to provide more detailed recommendations.