Question Micro Freezes on a clean Windows 10 Install

Jul 25, 2019
Hello! I've been having troubles lately with microfreezes (or perhaps lag spikes) on my laptop. Every few seconds the entire computer stops for a split second, including video. sound is unaffected though. I'm also having problems with sometimes needing to right click the touch pad either multiple times or very long/hard in order to have the menu pop up.
This is a clean install of win10 on a brand new hard drive as the old hardrive in the laptop failed. The freezes happened before and after reinstalling all of the drivers and updating the bios(all obtained from dell's or AMD's website), so i don't know if that’s the problem or not. I also performed a refresh of win10 as per windows defender's recommendation but the freezes still persisted.
I've also tried allocating more memory for windows to use, running sfc, running dism, checking to make sure the tab for the touch pad was inserted properly; nothing has worked. I've also heard something about uninstalling realtek HD audio driver something, but i don't evne have that driver. The only time the mouse works normally is in safe mode. I’m out of options besides trying to do another windows install.

System Specs:
OS: Windows 10 Home x64 build 17134
Model: Dell Inspirion 3541
Storage: 1TB HD
Processor: AMD A6-6310 w/ AMD Radeon R4 Graphics
Bios Version/Date: Dell inc. 11/27/2015
Jun 18, 2019
I'm having the exact same problem, my computer did this for two weeks in June while I tried everything to fix it including formatting all my drives and getting a clean windows install, taking my computer apart and reassembling it to be sure every connection is secure, and even turning it off and on again; then one day, having resigned to live with it until I could afford at least a new mobo it disappeared as mysteriously as it arrived.

Now it's back again and I have no idea what fixed or even caused it in the first place.

Does it look like this to you?

Also, does the freezing only start about 10 seconds to a minute after you reboot? I have a theory that it starts when the load crosses a certain threshold. I could keep the freezing away for about two minutes after rebooting if I didn't launch any applications, but launching something intensive like a game would reliably trigger the freezing.
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