Microsoft Suspends Windows April Update For Some Systems With Intel SSDs

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Jul 6, 2015
What about other SSD's like those from Samsung? Or other SSD manufacturer's? Could they possibly also be affected? This doesn't instill much confidence.


Jan 17, 2018
Not terribly concerned; only installing Linux OS on generic SSDs such as Inland Professional. has some generic 60 GB SSDs that I am leery of.
Windows 10 April update crashes with a lot of things. I've had general instability since installing it on both of my PCs. I've had problems with my WMR headset as well. I think this update broke more than it fixed. Come on Microsoft. Get it together.


Apr 5, 2018
M$ has been very sloppy lately, far more than usual on the QA/QC process.

That said, I'm betting this is Optane related per the article. When it comes to storage, the enumeration and protocols are standard. How the data gets written to the NAND falls upon the drive's firmware and controller; it's a process that's abstract from the OS. As such, I don't see how this could be a vendor specific bug unless it involved a new form of storage addressing technology - and Optane is definitely one of those.


May 22, 2009
Just Great.

Windows 10 updated my Dell T5600 that has an Intel SSD three days ago.

Everything checked out so I ran Clean Disk removed the old installation and other bloat since the primary drive is only 160 GB.

Now today Microsoft now tells me to do a F8 rollback which I can't because it has been deleted.

Does anyone at Microsoft or Intel test anymore?

Microsoft has pushed updates to many systems with Intel SSDs already, but it advises impacted users to roll back to Windows 10 version 1709, which you can do by hitting F8 during the boot process and restoring the previous version of the operating system.

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Jul 22, 2013
Both my systems have Intel SSD's, but both are also on the semi-annual channel, and have feature updates deferred for 365 days. I had to purchase win10 Pro to get this done on my Asus laptop (desktop already had it) as it was completely buggered by the FCU, trackpad nf and Gsync got nuked. Do better Microsoft.


May 11, 2010
Boy oh boy, things haven't gone so well for Intel over the past year or so.

One day, AMD came along, almost completely stomped Intel out the ballpark with Ryzen, but making their ultimate mark with infinity fabric. Sales dropped rather dramatically for Intel as people started flocking back to AMD.

Then, the Spectre/Meltdown bombs fell, Intel taking another bloody nose in another round.

Intel decides to beat AMD with their HEDT platform by date. The platform limitations and notorious inclusion of i5 quad cores on a HEDT platform had everyone asking "WTFFFFF???? WHY???"

Then Threadripper is released smashing Intel in downright price/performance ratios, today enjoying far higher rankings (amazon etc) with Intel's offerings just about nowhere to be seen. Just recently, Intel chucked their KBL quads into the bin. Yes, they were that useless rubbish - quickly forgotten.

Then Intel shoots themselves in the foot by brute forcing an 18core as a flagship, marred by a ridiculous price and ridiculous thermals to deal with. A 16core TR costs more than twice less.

Then a while later, Intel decides "Hey, lets get stoned out of our minds! Lets release an i3 for our HEDT platform.... we'll call it the 7360X". Luckily after sobering up, they cancelled all the madness. Forgive em oh dear lord, for they not know what they're doing....

Then coffee lake comes along, reminding everyone about the fun and joy about backwards compatibility. Oh wait!

Then they released more Optane drives, reminding everyone that its features are only supported on Intel's own latest platforms. That's right, you can forget about it if your system is generations older. AMD of course also totally locked out. Don't you folks just love living on a planet where proprietary tech is preferred over open technologies? (BTW I refuse to pay Nvidia their free $200 Gsync tech. They can shove it as well).

Then Intel runs over to AMD, kindly begging a solution to their stone age GPU shortcomings. Enter Vega of course, specifically catered to Intel's needs with their NUC's.

Then more news about their 10nm process delays.

Then they hire a whole bunch of AMD professionals to help put out the fires that are coming from the first floor.

Then more news about Spectre NG flaws that could further impact performance.

Sorry Intel, lately you've screwed up so much, yet you gave too little and overcharged for it. My Ivy bridge is having its final days. Soon I will yank it out, toss it over the rooftops like a frisbee, and embrace a spankingly new 8core Ryzen with a smile!

The Paladin

The last update also seems to affect Nvidia video drivers, interfering with PUBG ability to see the driver as Direct X Version 10. ( I know 10 people having this issue including myself, this is happening on 1060 and 1070 that I know off), also affects another 3d world program called; "Second Life" that I know of.

Would be interesting to follow up this story down the road if it's ever admitted whether Microsoft is using very bad techniques to patch their code, or if the breaking bugs are truly unavoidable.

If only certain Intel SSDs are having issues with Microsoft's patching, the behavior of the devices is either not ubiquitous to other hardware in the same category, or perhaps the patch is written with fragile code that works only on devices with performance or features meeting specific criteria. It would go a long way to helping people keep their systems running correctly if Microsoft would just tell the market what the defining factor in causing the error condition to occur is. This would be good for system builders and IT managers to know, as if it's something the industry is moving toward as new hardware is released, can we expect Microsoft to reissue an updated patch, or do we have to look to the individual device vendors to work around the patch with drivers or firmware?

Am I the only one that saw software, stable for many years, that would no longer load after trying out the April preview patch? Rolling back the April preview patch immediately solved the issues.

Patching isn't supposed to break things. The very term is supposed to imply that something is being made better or more secure.



Regarding Microsoft, the answer is, "no," actually. Microsoft fired their QA staff with the release of Windows 10, and now the consumer is the tester.

As far as Intel performing testing, that's not really the issue here. Microsoft issued a patch that causes the error condition when encountering certain Intel SSDs. Whether Intel tested or not, it would have been against the last stable version of Windows 10, not against a patch they didn't have access to. Unfortunately, we no longer have long term stable releases for Windows going forward, unless you want to step up to an overpriced Enterprise version where you can actually manage the patching. Welcome to the moving security target that is Windows 10.

Who has time to worry about the truly bad players on the internet torpedoing our systems when we can get instability or more serious downtime every time Redmond decides to shoehorn another batch of patches that haven't been vetted well enough?

Lesson from this is, don't delete your previous version right away, as you are the tester, not Microsoft.


Senior Editor
Feb 24, 2015

hear hear! I have to take extreme steps to disable it on our test machines so we have consistent test results. It gets more difficult with each passing OS version. Now I have to delete the WindowsUpdateAssistant executables and replace them with fakes. If you just delete them, they regenerate, no matter what update settings you use. absolutely infuriating!


Apr 14, 2016
Samsung ssd, like Nvmes,have a driver update 3 days ago go to Samsung website and apply it I am trying to get more info on intel. but the update did fix a lot of issues.


May 18, 2006

They must have said having more QA is inefficient in terms of financial resources, so they let the customer do it. It's really easy to send error messages and give feedback directly from the OS in Windows 10, thus making us the beta-tester for Windows.

By sending out frequent large updates as they do with Windows 10, it also gives the illusion that they are in line with what Google and Apple is doing with their OS.

Reality is though when companies get big and successful as Microsoft does, they've got more money than they know what to do with it, so they are left to twiddle their thumbs and engage in side projects that amount to little. I think they should increase QA team to try to fix more bugs instead.

Perhaps an unfortunate casualty of both their Agile transformation and the need to post gains for shareholders.

While I think dismissing the QA staff is one of their biggest mistakes, if the lack of QA staff can't sink the ship, how or why would Microsoft justify the extra cost?

The guy in charge over there just happens to be #3 on their board, so I don't see Microsoft doing anything but continuing to lean out their product development.
May 8, 2018
Windows 10 Insider Preview 17661.1001 (rs_prerelease) (the latest on the insider preview) also seems to stop Fortnite from launching... so avoid it if you want to play. I rolled back to 1803 and everything is running fine.


Jan 5, 2018
My dual xeon x5675 will be on windows 7 for long long time :) no need to rush for a creapware OS. with the q9550 the diference of windows 7 and windows 10 are too big. Keep the old processors were it belongs.


Apr 3, 2001
They have tons of Insiders playing with new builds all the time. It's like free QA plus developers (and regular users that like cutting edge) can test and play with new features. If you read the Insider updates you'd know they fix tons of bugs before releasing to current. Second, it's probably a driver issue, and it seems it wasn't widespread enough (in terms of models affected) to crop up prior.

Funny, any Insider has access to it, but Intel can't manage to get access? AMD released a driver update FOR the April Update right before it started rolling out... now how did they manage that? Weird, it's almost like they were testing with the most current builds of the April Update before the official release.


Jul 27, 2009
I've been experiencing multiple black screen lock-ups that require a hard reset since the Win 10 April update from what was previously a rock stable PC (although it could be the AMD driver designed for the Win 10 April update I 'spose). MS (or AMD) really need to QA these updates more stringently imo, but leveraging the end-consumer as beta-testers is the new industry norm apparently.


Feb 6, 2009
Would love to know if my 2 older Intel ssd 330s are affected or does this only affect optane or other drives. I already upgraded 2 PCs with Intel SSDs and have no issues so far. Rebooted a few times even. Cant roll back, a few days after the update I removed the backup to preserve space. Will the be a patch? Does the error occur immediately after reboot?
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