News Microsoft's Revised Acquisition Plan Could See Activision Cloud Gaming Go to Ubisoft


Dec 31, 2007
This seems a very odd proposed compromise. Obviously Ubisoft has little interest in heavily promoting streaming of games they don't actually own the IP of. Also normally you can only stream games you own or are part of a subscription, like Game Pass.

So you are going to have to buy or Ubisoft is going to have to offer a subscription to games to be streamed that is only a small subset of Activision/Blizzard IP. Also as of right now it looks like Ubisoft Cloud Streaming requires a subscription from them for $17.99/month USD. So unless they do some sort of deal like they do with EA Play where its part of Game Pass, this seems DOA. Or if you own the game and subscribe to Game Pass or something similar you can Cloud Stream it. This also really potentially kills "Play Anywhere" offerings for that IP where you can buy once for Console and PC. Granted I don't recall any Activision or Blizzard title actually taking advantage of that previously. However plenty of Microsoft first part studios have.