Mini Laptop not starting after replacing motherboard.


Aug 27, 2014

I'm very new to Tom's Hardware so i'm sorry if i'm at the wrong section or something.
My laptop is an HP Mini 110-3000.
I bought a new motherboard 621300-001 and installed it but somehow it doesn't start at all. I have everything placed correctly and done this 10 times replacing again and again but it just doesn't start. The power button lights up and fan also starts for a sec then shuts down. I have no idea why. I tried setting up the old motherboard again and it starts normally. The old motherboard has a broken HDD Connector pins so i bought a new motherboard.
I have recorded a video hopefully somebody helps me with this problem.

You can skip to 8:23 in the video to see the problem.
Is this a motherboard problem or just something i'm doing wrong? please help.

IMO, step 1 is to install ram, processor, usb keybd, and screen and then power on to make sure the board works.

You're also not wearing an anti-static strap.
Make sure the ram and wifi card are in good. Double check cpu.
Different laptops require different things to turn on, I have seen some that require the board to be attached to the chaisis, i have seen some that require the screen pluged in, etc.
Tripple check your cables and do a full assembly and see if it works then.

If not then the Mobo you got is a dud