[SOLVED] Mixing ram with different speed and latency

Aug 5, 2021
Hi I am thinking about buying HP 245 G7 Ryzen 3 3300u / vega 6 / 4gb ram DDR4- 2400 mhz SDRAM / 1 TB HDD and I want to upgrade its ram so I decided to buy Crucial 4gb ram DDR4 2666 mhz CL 19 SODIMM

my questions are :
  1. will it fail because of mixing the different speed and latency?
  2. will it get dual channeled ?
  1. it should lower the ram speed to 2400mhz with the timing available on the spd chip in the stick
  2. yes, even if you put the slowest ram it'll be dual channel. aslong the capacity is the same.