Question mobo and ram for a ryzen 7 5800x


May 28, 2013
So I'm upgrading from a ryzen 1700x to a 5800x and need some recommendations on a new motherboard and ram. Since I don't have a recent cpu I would prefer a mobo that has an updated bios already or one that I can easily flash with out hardware in it. Main uses will be 4k gaming at 60fps(I'm just using a tv) and for VR on an htc cosmos elite, with wireless functionality. Highest priority is "future proofness" and pcie4.0. If there is a similar post to this just link it and I can try going off of that. the posts I did see didn't seem to be exactly what I'm looking for.
my current ram is 16GB of 2066mhz and cooling is an ekg water cooling kit, the loop has the gpu integrated into it too. As for budget there's not too much of a limit as long as the price is considered reasonable for what you get.
I've never heard or seen anybody run their ram on that frequency.
Im pretty sure every single motherboard needs a BIOS update for Ryzen 5000 series.
So you cant avoid that, but there are some that will allow you to update the BIOS without actually having a cpu and ram installed.
Such as this one for example.
It has Q Flash Plus button, which lets you update the BIOS without cpu and ram installed, as i said above.
You can find more about there, here.