Mobo/cpu recommendation, a bit lost


Mar 7, 2006
Hello there, I'm going to create a new comp, sometime next week and I'm looking for some help on what to chose :) It's been a while since I've built a PC, so.. I'm not really sure on the differences, between the new stuff (amd2, fx, x2, windsor, brisbane, etc). I hope someone can give me a few pointers.

First off, I'm somewhat limited in regards to which gear I can get my hands on, as I'm trying to keep my purchases to one seller, and cant use newegg :)

I have an 80gb western digital HD (WD800JB), which I plan to keep as my sole HD (atleast until I scrounge up some dough to add another HD, and get some more space), but other than that I plan to buy ram, cpu, mobo, cpu, gpu.


I'm buying a 8800gts (320), and will build my system around that card.. It's fairly pricy for my budget.. But I think that it's the best way to go. That means I have to look at some fairly cheap mobos and cpus to go with it though.. I was hoping someone might tell me if I'm way off.

I've got my eye on a asus M2N, nVidia nForce430 mobo and Athlon64 X2 3800+ (windsor) cpu.. Which I've found fairly cheaply and I initially plan to add 2 x DDR2-800 1gb stick (store-named brand.. But it's a store I trust and I'll upgrade with bigger/more sticks later). I'm guessing that I'm gonna need a new PSU also, as my old one only runs at 420w.

I've also looked at a Athlon64 X2 3600+, 1.9GHz 'brisbane', but I heard that there might be trouble with mobo-compability and the brisbane core.

Anything wrong with this? I dont really know anything about the nforce430 chipset.. Nor really the cpu.. But as far as I can tell, they should work fine together, right? I'm on a -really- tight budget.. and as far as I can tell, the amd2 stuff is somewhat cheaper than intel (especially if you take into account both mobo and cpu).


Apr 26, 2007
I tend to like Intel over amd but if you are looking for price you can get a amd 64 x2 for amout $160 for mobo and cpu both for intel core 2 duo it costs about $210for cpu and mobo both