Question MOBO is not detecting any case fans (3), not detecting the AIO, and no temps shown ?

Oct 14, 2022
Whenever I open bios, it shows "CPU core temp 0c" "vcore 0.000V" no DDr voltage, mobo temp is not being detected, I have a Corsair H100i pro XT aio and the AIO is not being detected and I have 3 case fans, 2 140mm noctuas and 1 120mm I ripped off the AIO as I replaced the AIO fans with 2 120mm noctuas. This issue was never happening previously then one day I took out my GPU and tinkered with my case a little to see if I could prevent my GPU from sagging, did not touch the MOBO to anything and I had the system unplugged, and when I turned it on the CPU light came on. It detects the cpu correctly as a r7 5800x but shows no fans, no temps, no voltage. Coretemps showed my temps and so did iCUE, but the MSI Dragon Center could not detect any voltage or temps but could detect my cpu mhz. I don't know what's going on.

This is what I did to try and fix it.
I unplugged the entire system and rebuilt it from the ground up, reapplied thermal paste resocketed my cpu and gpu, even tried a different GPU at one point, and I looked at the fans, cleaned the fans, put the fans back in multiple times, but it just doesn't detect them. The fans remain at full throttle with nothing controlling them besides the AIO being controlled by iCUE despite not being detected by mobo. I do not have a separate fan header module it's all connected into the mobo itself. Mobo is MSI Mag B550 Tomahawk.

This PC had been working perfectly for 4 months previously.