Mar 18, 2004
I want to buy a video card on which I can connect one tv and one monitor.And I want to see to deferent application on each other.For example I want to play a game and teh image to be displaied on the monitor and on tv I want to watch a movie.Both in the same time.Name some chipset and video card manufacturs.
PS: escuse my english.


Apr 23, 2003
A couple of weeks ago we did that on a ti4200. We watched a movie off of the computer on the TV while he played EQ. I have no way of knowing for sure, but I would assume that nvidia has kept the same functionality on their newer cards. I have seperate computers for tv and gaming so I've never tried both at the same time with my ati.


May 3, 2001
I did something like this on a Radeon 9000Pro, but I don't know if this is what you're looking for.

You see, the movie is drawn on the overlay. You can play with the card settings to display the movie in full screen on the TV, even if it's not full screen on the computer. The bad part is that this only works while the player window is not minimized (it is not necessary to be in foreground, it can be in background, with something on top of it, but not minimized in the taskbar). This way, I managed to watch movies while my girlfriend was making some documents, or playing cards or whatever.
The bad part is that when you enter a serious and real game (unlike the solitaire type), it will go to full screen and be displayed also on the TV. I didn't manage to solve this, maybe someone can give some ideas....

Edit: Bogdandudu, from the name, I'd say that you're from Romania, right? :smile:

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