Monitor Display problems

Sep 5, 2018
Hello folks.
I had a project at my work to connect two dell desktops - optiplex 5050 (in a production hall of a factory) with an HDMI cable from each of them to 2 hanged TVs with 15 meter HDMI cable. there is no problem to display with any resolution (max resolution 3840*2160) to display statistical graphs in slides that run in full screen in html file. Two Tvs must show different data. Sometimes the files need to be stopped and corrected. For this purpose I took what was available in IT dept. a 17" monitor and a 2 VGA port kvm with usb control of a keyboard and mouse. I plugged the KVM so I can see each pc separately with the monitor and set up Duplicate mode in both PCs. Extend mode is not an option for me because it will be very annoying dragging icons from TV to monitor every time. The first pc let me display the max resolution for TV and cropped the picture in monitor, but that's ok for me. The second pc could make some lower resolution and cropped the picture in second TV (That's not what I wanted, I wanted full screen in TV) and if I raise the resolution to maximum the TV display is ok but the monitor goes blank. All the connections are made from onboard of PCs. The monitor has only VGA input. MB have 1 HDMI, 2 DP, 1 VGA outputs. GPU drivers are intel generic ones, 60 HZ. set. Maybe I need some more sophisticated KVM or a wide monitor with full HD support?
Please advice


If you are running things in Duplicate, get a monitor with the same resolution support as the TVs. It may also be an issue with the KVM, check the specs to see what resolution it can run well. Some may run higher resolutions but will need to drop the refresh rate to 30.

Another option is to not even bother with the KVM and keyboards but just use remote desktop to connect to the computers to do work on them to change files. Mount the computers by the TV with the HDMI cable, connect to them remotely over the network. A pair of min PCs can easily be mounted to the TVs Dell also has some small systems.