Aug 24, 2012
Hey guys you helped me before I hope you can do it again :D

I have a "ok" 23 inch samsung TN panel 1920x1080 and a 20 inch 4:3 Dell S-IPS panel 1600x1200 (dell 2001fp)

Basically I've been wanting to give eyefinity a try and I don't really want to invest 300 more dollars to get similar samsung TN panels. But my question for you is that will getting two more Dell's be a smart move. Mine is around 9 years old and still runs the way it did out of the box. I can pick two more in excellent condition for around 140 together. My plan was to run the three in portrait to get a total of 3600x1600 (they swivel) paired with my 2gb 7850. Am I being dumb investing in this "old" technology?

If you need any more info please ask :D.