Question Monitor losing signal when gaming randomly after upgrading to windows 10 and installing a new harddrive.

Feb 16, 2020
So about 3 months ago I upgraded from windows 8.1 to windows 10 and I installed a new harddrive into my computer. It was a 3tb seagate harddrive. After I installed my new 3tb harddrive and upgraded to windows 10 and all of a sudden my monitor will randomly lose connection to the pc when I play games, usually while loading up the game or loading into a new area of the game. This forces me to turn the computer off and back on in order to get it back up. My old 1 tb blue drive is where the windows 10 is located and runs from. The blue drive is about 3-4 years old, the new harddrive is for my games and I've been waiting for a ssd until I move the OS over. Now my computer was a prebuilt Dell Xps 8700 and I've been upgrading the parts since about last year when I got the money to. I switched out the gtx 750 for a gtx 1660 TI and no problems occurred. I thought the problem might be the old power supply that came with the prebuilt so I switched that from a 450 wat (which is the recommended for the 1660 ti) to a 650 wat. This worked for about a day but then the day afterwards, I launch a game, and monitor loses signal. The wire from the monitor isnt the problem as I had to buy a new hdmi wire when I got the new GPU. Also I don't think the monitor is the problem because I bought it 2 years after I bought the computer and it itself doesn't turn off just loses connection. I've had my monitor for about 2.5 years now. I've finally bought a ssd and am thinking of reinstalling windows 10 from a flash drive onto the ssd and hoping that works. Does anyone have any other ideas?


Started as windows 8, upgraded to windows 10

Cpu is a I7-4750 3-4 years old

GPU is gtx-1660 TI 1.5 years old

PSU 650 wat 2 month old

Asus monitor vp247 2 years old

1tb blue harddrive 3-4 years old

3tb seagate harddrive 4 months old

And I have a 860 EVO ssd not installed yet
Apr 28, 2019
Should I reinstall drivers 1st so I don't lose all of my files? I only want to reinstall windows onto my ssd because im trying to get rid of my old OS harddrive. Also how would I go about reinstalling the drivers.
I would not use windows' feature, i would download geforce now and installing up-to-date gaming drivers. Following a tutorial on how to update gaming drivers will help.
If that doesn't help use a driver uninstaller.
Jays2Cents mentions a driver uninstaller that you should use before anything else, but it is a hassle to use.