Monitor not picking up signal


Jan 20, 2010
How do you figure what is wrong if the monitor doesn't pick up a signal?
Earlier today, my 3 year old decided it was fun to lean up against my tower and bang it on the wall several times. After telling him not to do that, I checked out to see if there was any damage. Lo and behold, there was. The computer turned on, but there was no signal being picked up by the monitor. I checked the tower out in another monitor and there still wasn't any signal. I think either the mother board or the hard drive got busted. Any suggestions? :pt1cable:
Does your motherboard emit any beeps during the boot process? Many mobos will use the onboard signal to indicate basic problems. If there are any beeps, you can look up the beep code online.

rolli59's idea is excellent and the most likely to give you a fix. Please also check that your heatsink / fan is still firmly attached to the CPU, so you don't fry it.