Monitor Selection?


Apr 10, 2004
Hi there,
I am currently in the process of selecting components for my £1100 budget system, which will be the first I build. I intend to base it around an A64 3200, Radeon 9800 pro 128mb and at minimum of 512mb PC3200.

I have been looking around for a new monitor, checking for any reviews of CRTs and they are very hard to come across, those I can are reviewing monitors above my price range. I am looking to spend if possible ~£100 but certainly must be below £150 which is why I am swaying towards the 17" models atm.

So I have a few queries to help me find the right monitor for me:

1) What are the standard screen resolutions ran 17 & 19 inch monitors? Or should I say optimum?

2) Do monitor qualities of most modern 17/19 inch CRTs differ to a large extent with regard to graphical performance?

3) What are the most important specs of a monitor & why. What should I be looking for as minimum, and recommended for my system so to speak?

4) I gather that the higher the amount of hz a monitor can run at, at its' highest resolution is important. However, how can I find out what it would run at, at lower resolutions? (Relating to the optimum/standard screen resolution for monitor sizes).

6) How important is dot pitch in graphics systems? I have only been looking at 0.2,0.21,0.22 monitors so far in 17', am I making a mistake? What is a good, standard, poor dot pitch and is the performance differentiation noticeable between each?

7) I see a lot of technologies just as FlatPanel, which of them are worth having? I really would like a flat screen to reduce eye strain, what do I look for?

5) Screen Coating - I have seen "Anti-glare, anti-reflective, anti-static" are they important? Are there any other coatings I should have?

That's all I can think of atm. Sorry for asking so many (n00b) questions. I reall appreciate any time you spend taking to help me out, thanks already =)

Kind Regards

P.S: If you have any monitors in my range which you can strongly recommend as good ones, please do. Depending on whether I choose a black and/or silver case, I will try and match the monitor as best I can if possible too.

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Aug 26, 2003
Wow!Too many questions!
But the answer may not be very long.
1,The best resolution for 17' CRT is 1024*768@85HZ(or higher),at 19' is 1280*1024@85HZ(or higher).
2,Indeed,the quality of 17/19 inch CRT differ very much!I suggest u dont choose any thing below 150$.
3,I dont catch what you've said(forgive my poor knowledge).
4,It is not very difficult to find the frequency about the CRT,just use some tools(such as AIDA32-good stuff to know what your hardwares really are).
5,The dot inch is very puzzled to freshman here.You know dot inch means the distance between too flashing dots of the screen.But unfortunately there are two meanings of "dot inch".In some place,it means the distance of two dots on the same row(this is common situation),and in other place,it means the distance of two dots on the same diagonal(this is not common).So before u get the monitor make sure about the dot inch of your mon really means.Better the dot inch smaller.
7,I strongly recommend you use the Flatpanel mon,because it wont differ very much from normal eyesight(u know the ballpanel is very weird on the corner of the screen).
At last but not least,every old hand grows form newbie,so dont be tired to ask.^_^

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Mar 26, 2004
sorry i don't know too much about this but
for a 17 inch in windows 1280 1024 seems good if not making things look on the small side
19 1600 1200 but again thats pushing it
as for hz the bigger the better but anything above 70 is great and watch out for 60 as i find it to flat out hert my eyes. most moder crts out there have good picturre quality and most are much better then the flat panels in games and movies.

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