Aug 18, 2007
i couldn't find the right forum so i'm gussing this is the one.
i'm planning on getting a monitor for my new workstation.
i'm working mainly on photos retouching with CS3 and video editing in Avid.
i was thinking about the Apple Cinema Display 30", but than some one shifted my attention to the Eizo coloredge CG211 (21.3")
now they are about the same price.
from what i understood, the Eizo is better with color range and acuuracy, and temp adj.
but he's very slow for video streems,
and the Apple is faster with video, which is a thing i will need whan i use Avid.
i'm actually asking how better is the Eizo with color range and accuracy?
is it worth to pay the same for 22" instead of 30"?


You are in the wrong section. Displays (CRT & LCD) falls under Consumer Electronics:
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To answer you question, you are comparing two monitors that are geared towards different market segments. The Apple 30" LCD is really geared towards high end consumers who wants to spend money on a large screen display and have a graphics card (or two) capable of driving. It uses the same S-IPS LCD panel that is found in the Dell 3007WFP. S-IPS panels are becoming very rare, but it does provide good color accuracy, good response times and better blacks than other LCD panel technology.

Eizo's monitors are geared towards the graphic professionals where color accuracy is of extreme importance. The ColorEdge CG211 (21.3") LCD monitor also use a S-IPS panel, however Eizo adds a lot of electronics to improve color accuracy and improve brightness and color uniformity. I think it uses 16-bit grayscale rendering which allows for it to mimic a CRT. It also increases the color palette that the monitor can display from 16.7 million possible colors to 68 billion colors. However, while the Eizo can choose from 68 billion colors, it can still only display 16.7 million colors. The is part of the reason why response may be slower than the Apple 30" LCD because of extra color processing. There are other things as well but it gets a little technical.

You may want to consider the 26" NEC Display Solutions LCD2690WUXi-BK which is also geared towards the graphics professional with a 12-bit gamma correction lookup table for better color accuracy and other hardware as well (H-IPS panel). It has a 8ms GTG repsonse time, but some sites lists it as 6.5ms response time.

The NEC is one of two monitors I am considering. At about $1,575 it is a bit hard to swallow for simple consumer usage. That's why I am also considering the 26" Planar PX2611w for around $1,000 that also uses the exact same H-IPS panel (made by LG/Philips), but lacks the extra hardware that NEC implements for the graphics professional.

NEC Display Solutions LCD2690WUXi-BK