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Jun 9, 2019
Hello, I'm currently in the process of changing my internet provider and I need help on finding out what the best solution for me is. We used to have 100/50Mbps download speed, but since we have 5 people at all times each using their own PC, phone and since we've had so many problems with our previous provider we decided to change it to 1000/200Mbps. I live in a 2 floor house with thick walls and so, our wifi connection was always a little lacking in the upper floor (most of the time between the 20 to 5Mbps with a hole bunch of connection losses).
Now that I have this new and improved service, I would like to know what the best solution for me is. I like to play a PC games and I stream a lot of high quality video, plus I am constantly downloading a lot of big sized games.
I've wondered if my best alernative is to use a giant ethernet cable through my house but I would like a more clean approach (between the router and my room it's about 30m/98ft). I thought about using a powerline but my house isn't that new and our eletric cables might not provide me with the most efficient solution.
If anybody could help me with this problem I would really appreciate it!


If you can afford a connection like that, monthly, then it seems reasonable that you could afford to have an installer come and run Cat5e/Cat6 cable from the current router to a second one where you need it, through the walls, so it will not be apparent or a trip hazard. Should not be that expensive. Around here, I offer this service for about 120 dollars on a standard two story dwelling. Not counting the cost of the cable of course. Just bringing the wired connection to the same floor with it's own wireless router can offer a terrific increase in signal strength, not to mention if you can actually get a hard wired connection straight to your system.

Or, you could do it yourself. Not that hard to do really.


Mar 16, 2013
Wired ethernet as much as you can.

Cat5e from your current router, up and into the attic, and then down to the individual rooms upstairs. One or two WiFi access points upstairs as needed.

Where is the router currently?
Ya with that kind of service, anything other than ethernet would be a waste.

ETHERNET, the original networking hookup, CAT5/6/7 wall wirings, full bandwidth, no interference unlike WIFI/Powerline. If you have to ask, you probably want to outsource this job.
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