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    [SOLVED] PC makes a constant weird noise after a few minutes connected to internet via USB

    As mentioned in the title, my PCs just few months old, everything was working fine until today.. I normally powered it on, went to the bathroom, and then i heard this loud constant buzzing sound.. Display was turning off and on like it was losing signal. I panicked and powered PC off with PSU...
  2. B

    Question Tracking SMNP traffic on home network

    Hi there. I noticed some SNMP traffic on my home internet network. Is there anyone that knows how I can track the origin of the data and where it is going
  3. B

    Question Ethernet port not working after unplugging then replugging

    My motherboard is MSI Z170A M7 gaming motherboard 2016 bought I was on a tech call about internet speed, the guy on the phone told me to try plugging on directly to router. However, my ethernet port stopped recognizing all cables. I tried different methods to Network reset. Different...
  4. N

    Question Unable to solve packet loss/ping spikes

    Hey guys, I've been experiencing ping spikes and packet loss for about 2 years now and I'm at a loss for what to do. I have had countless tech visits and they always say we fixed the issue, I tell them no you didn't, they say my levels look good and their reading looks fine, then they try to...
  5. Question Can't connect my PC to the internet through the LAN port.

    Hi, Recently my pc couldn't connect to the internet through the LAN connection to my router (Archer C6). Then I troubleshoot this problem, later it shows me that there is no driver! Later I went to the device manager to check if the driver issue. But I couldn't find the driver I had to...
  6. A

    Question Serious issues with ping

    Okay so, basically my internet is fine, and stuff, but on ROBLOX the main game I play, I get terrible ping spikes up to 1000+, it is very unplayable and I've reset my PC and everything I replaced my router too, It use to happen back then but use to stop, now It started and has been going on for...
  7. H

    Question Windows shows an internet connection, but connection disappears after about 2 mins ?

    I'm having a really weird issue with my computer at the moment. All of a sudden I'm having an issue where after boot up my computer has an internet connection and I'm able to open/use web browsers,open apps, or launch a game. However, after about 2 mins of use, my computer acts like it doesn't...
  8. P

    Question Internet/Network doesn't accept new PC's?

    Hey guys, I've run into a problem on my work today. There's a PC there that keeps turning off. So I got another old PC that works OK to replace that one. Fresh install of Windows 7. But there's a problem. My network doesn't seem to accept new PC's. Everytime I get a PC that's from somewhere...
  9. xForbiddenOne

    Question Killer 3100G random drops

    Hello all, My current motherboard has a dreaded Killer networking port on it that's a Killer 3100G. At completely random times the machine just loses internet all around, despite other devices connected to the same network continue working perfectly fine. I've tried disabling power saving...
  10. D

    [SOLVED] Speed tests not showing full internet speed

    I recently changed my ISP and upgraded to a 500mb/s speed. I know I probably wont get the full speed but on my phone (a52 5g) with wifi i get about 250-300mb/s but on my pc (hooked up with a cable) I can barely get 90mb/s. Im using the mobo LAN but I dont think its that since its a gigabit LAN...
  11. Connnnnnn

    Question Multiple motherboard problems after installing M.2 drive in B450 AORUS ELITE

    Hello! I have recently gotten a WD Blue 2TB M.2 SATA SSD, and I installed it alongside my other 2 ssds that I had before. I changed the configuration of my regular ssds to the slots that the manual said would work alongside a M.2 drive. After installing this and allocating memory everything...
  12. M

    Question Modem and Router seperate, or two-in-one?

    I'm having trouble finding out the proper answers between this question. Looking specifically at these two together: Or just this alone: Is...
  13. S

    Question Ethernet outlet not working in one room

    So I just had a technician from Xfinity come to my home to setup several internet outlets in my home, he was able to turn 2 of them on but the third and most important outlet does not receive an internet connection. It detects that its connected to something but just shows it as an 'Unidentified...
  14. rajeed

    Question Only 10mb connection on ethernet ?

    When I connect to my network on ethernet I get 10 megabits a second max but my brother's computer gets speeds of 200+. At the moment I am using a wifi card because it allows me to get speeds of up to 50Mb. I have also tested it in other rooms to see if it is to do with the port in the wall but...
  15. ek_e123

    Question Very slow Upload speed on PS4

    On my PC I normally get 200-250mbps download and around 200mbps upload. But on my PS4 slim, while I get the 250mbps download, the upload speed doesn't get over 3-4mbps (I only managed to get a maximum of 9mbps once). What causes this issue? My router is the Huawei HG8546M. Thanks in advance for...
  16. S

    Question Ethernet and Wifi not allowing certain online connectivity and downloads ?

    About a month ago I moved to a new home but kept my old router/modem combo and the same internet provider. Since moving I have been having odd connectivity issues. I can connect my PC to ethernet and wifi no problem and doing mostly everything on my PC has been fine. I can play League of...
  17. M

    Question Is my Wired router failing?

    My router is loosing connection, while my cable modem is fully connected. The only way to get it to reconnect is by restarting my cable modem. This problem was happening with my ISP provided Ubee DDM352.1 Modem. So I replaced that with my own ARRIS SURFboard SB6183 and a new Ethernet...
  18. W

    Question Internet upload drops to zero even when connected to the modem.

    Not sure what else to try. I have tried just about everything i can think of and worked with my ISP. They have replaced all the equipment in my home and given me a new port elsewhere and nothing seems to solve the issue. I have fiber to the home. This is super frustrating when playing games...
  19. B

    Question Online video

    Is there any dongle or device or software to watch online video on PC and prevent connection damage?
  20. Bread212

    Question Internet connection slows down but only on laptop ?

    So I've got a pretty new laptop (5 months old) but ever since I got it, I've been having issues with my internet and cannot figure out what the problem is. For the longest time I thought it was my provider, but after recent tests, I've noticed that the problem only occurs on my laptop. I'm...