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  1. B

    Question When i play online game wifi suddenly turn off

    Hey guys , when i try to open online games like apex, or pubg , the internet speed went very slow , than wifi icon turn off , but sometime i play normal , and later the issue still the same ,i dont know what cause this to happen , can you guys please help ! Spec : Xeon 3460 Gtx 1050 ti oc...
  2. S

    Question Downloading at higher speeds

    I've got a Internet connection plan that provides me upto 50Mbps till 180GB it was much higher before but i changed it to their lowest plans now everytime i hit FUP i get slowed down to a mere 3Mbps, but for the last 2 months or so after browsing 2-3 days in 3Mbps my internet somehow peaks to...
  3. ptferg1234

    [SOLVED] TP-Link powerline adapter randomly drops connection

    I have been using a pair of TP-Link AV500 powerline adapters for a few years now to get ethernet to my PC. However, a few months ago, they dropped the connection entirely. Windows said I had a connection, but no internet. Normally unplugging and replugging an adaptor back into the wall outlet...
  4. SirLyn

    Question Suspicious Internet behavior problems[help]

    Recently my family and I have been having internet connectivity issues and very slow speeds, we all point towards my younger brother since he seems to be the issue. Whenever he turns on his computer/connects to the internet on it everyone's speed significantly drops and most of our devices can't...
  5. T

    Question Trouble with every browsers. Please help.

    So recently, I've been having problems with chrome, and every other browser. It's completely slow and I'm not able to google anything, when I do I just get the following message " took too long to respond.", and when I run the diagnostic tool, I get no errors. This has been going...
  6. E

    Question Internet disconnects as soon as I join a game?

    So, I've been trying to find a solution but nothing has worked. About 2 weeks my internet started to Auto disconnect me from cs:go for around 30 sec and then i would get the internet back for around 2-3 min. and then it would happen again. This problem happens now in every game as soon as i get...
  7. Iver Hicarte

    Question How do custom/aftermarket routers work?

    Bit of a dumb question but I just had to ask it just to make sure. I see a lot of branded routers like Asus, but your ISP already provides you with a router. So how do these custom routers work or should I say aftermarket routers work? Do you connect them to your pc then connect the router...
  8. S

    Question Ping / Disconnect Issues any help is appreciated

    So I've been having a problem for maybe a month or two and was hoping it was just something that would fix itself but here I am still with the issue. Anyways the issue I'm having is randomly my ping will spike to 2000+ for around 15 - 20 seconds it will cause me to lose connection to games if...
  9. lordvanko

    Question Having some problems portforwarding

    I tried port forwarding, but when trying to access my router via my IP it says my access is forbidden - "Rejected request from RFC1918 IP to public server address " How to fix?
  10. T


    Hey there! I have a question regarding my internet started going down randomly for little and when i refresh page i get this error "NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID" but at the same time my phones internet also goes down. it happens at the same time.I can not say which website causes this but i...
  11. S

    Question Downloading anything slows my internet crazily

    For some reason everytime I download something it slows my whole network down. It doesn’t matter if it’s from Xbox or steam although steam makes it the worse . It makes it really hard to play destiny 2 with a download. It also slows down my phone. Is there any way I can fix this it didn’t use to...
  12. R

    Question Lots of Connection Issues not from my Network

    First off, actually read this. Y'all are really bad about skimming and then asking people looking for help questions they've already answered in the OP. I tried to be thorough here, all the information I have and that y'all regularly ask for is here. Now to the problem itself. My desktop PC is...
  13. B

    Question Switching from ips modem to my own

    Hey, So im finally looking to ditch my isp modem and get my own but I know nothing about them so im hoping to get some input.. what would be the best modem to get? My isp is xfinity and I mostly use my internet for gaming/basic every day needs. I did a quick google search and saw a lot of sites...
  14. I

    Question My pc download is slow

    When I do a speedtest on google chrome it says 40megabytes/s(not megabit). My pc downloads everything from the internet with 5-6megabytes/s, and my steam downloads only with 300-500kilobytes/s. I have run multiple windows updates, driver updates, anti-virus programes and windows defender too. I...
  15. M

    Question I want to boost my wireless connections as well as my ethernet connections, will this type of thing do that?

    I have an issue where if I stream netflix/amazon prime my download goes from 70 upload to around 20. This is obviously wrong and shouldn't happen but I'm trying to boost my speeds and was wondering if this...
  16. A

    Question Wifi randomly turns off/huge packet loss

    Whenever i play games specifically, like Rocket League or Csgo, my wifi "turns off." What i mean by this is that it will either kick me from the game, or just show an icon that says disconnected. It fixes after 10-15 seconds, and then tells me im getting huge packet loss. This happens on...
  17. T

    Question Need to have wired connection on multiple devices

    I have a computer and a ps4 in my room that i want both to have a wired connection at all time. The problem is i cant i have a tp-link plug thingy that is wired to my pc and every time i want to use my ps4 i have to climb through a forest of wires just to wire it to my ps4. Any suggestions?
  18. D

    Question Slow internet

    Hi, I'm having this slow internet issue in windows, i have fiber internet and 4g but i mostly use 4g to play online games like cs go. But my latency is fluctuating to 1100ms-700ms suddenly. My ping in 4g on SGP server is 60-70 and in fiber its 30-40. I tried using same internet on my dad's lappy...
  19. H

    Question Internet connection being disrupted

    Hello, recently my internet connection is being disrupted for a millisecond what causes many programs and websites to work improperly e.g. Torrent has to find all peers again.. all my drivers are up to date as well as windows 10, malwarebytes found nothing, im using powerline adapters for my...
  20. C

    Question Help Please

    A few days ago my computer download and upload speeds went to less than 1mb/s. i currently use my hotspot for internet (tethered). idk what caused it, but since then i have: updated windows, checked phone updates, updated all drivers, cleared cookies and cache, reset network settings on pc and...