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  1. C

    Question Why Does My Ethernet Randomly Disconnect/Limited?

    I recently built a gaming computer with the following specs: Windows 10 Asus Z270-I with wifi Adapter I7-7700k GTX 1070 strix 16gb ddr4-3000 2x 256 ssd etc. I have google fiber with a main router that connects to to the router in my room, where my PC is. My issue is that at any time, my...
  2. T

    Question Why is my bandwidth limited to 8 mbps?

    On all other devices my internet reaches 50-60 mbps but on my windows pc, out of nowhere i am only getting 8 mbps.
  3. L

    Question Strange netstat results...

    Out of curiosity I've done a netstat on my pc, and I think that I've found something odd... Here are the results of the ESTABLISHED adresses... ESTABLISHED wq-in-f108:imaps ESTABLISHED ham02s12-in-f46:https ESTABLISHED a-0001:https...
  4. S

    Question Powerline adapter running slow

    I recently got a new internet package of 100mbps and my parents computer which is hard wired from a netgear R6300v2 is showing 114mbps down. My powerline adapter is a TPlink av600 and when I run the TP link software on my pc it shows a powrline rate anywhere between 70-90mbps but when i run a...
  5. moneylizard

    Question Slow internet connection (wired and wireless) on only one computer

    I have 3 desktop computers in the house and one laptop. 2 of the desktop computers and one of the laptops get speeds of around 150-200mbps download and 15mbps upload. My best gaming computer gets download speeds of 9-10mbps and upload speeds of 12-15mbps. I have tested with ethernet straight to...
  6. mandache.eduard48

    Question Why does my downloading speed slowly get lower over time?

    A lot of time when downloading movies/games/apps I noticed that the speed at which the files download gets lower , usually by a couple Kb/s , until it halves or worse. For example , when I started a download recently everything was nice and good , about 800Kb/s , even let the thing download...
  7. L

    Question Huawei Router/Modem with Asus AC68U Router on same network AP vs Extender Mode?

    Hi, I've recently changed ISP who have installed an LTE-based router-modem as a main gateway. I also have an extra Asus AC68U router (which I highly recommend!) and I have achieved the following network setup: Current Setup. The secondary router is connected in AP (Access point)...
  8. C

    Question Every day has become a bad day for my internet.

    My internet as it is currently set up now, used to work just fine. Then every once in awhile it would have bad days where I would get horrible lag on every game I played. Then it became every other day was a bad day. Now it's to the point where basically every single day is a bad day I can no...
  9. T

    Question Internet connection is ruined

    Hi everyone. I have a long and a very weird issue that I am experiencing with windows 10. So I am gonna start off by saying I am a die hard win 7 user. I recently bought a new monitor with free sync enabled after nvidia update which can allow g-sync to function on free sync monitors. I have a...
  10. R

    Question Two of my own routers on AT&T Fiber Internet.

    I want to use two of my own routers with my AT&T Fiber internet. Basically, i want to use one of them as the main router to use instead of the one provided by AT&T (Motorola NVG589) but i also have a second router which i was thinking of using to get coverage in another part of the house...
  11. V

    Question Random disconnects driving me insane

    Hey everyone. I have always turned to you guys when I had computer issues, and I honestly think this is the most helpful place on the internet to ask for help, so I present to you, the most frustrating issue I have had the pleasure of experiencing. I will post a quick summary here, and then...
  12. S

    Question Severe internet problems

    So, my internet is bad, getting straight to the chase. I have had problems with my internet for a good six months now and its driving me insane. Ive contacted my internet provider, tried every fix and guide i can bloody find but nothing. The problem is that I one day while gaming noticed...
  13. M

    Question Connecting to an ISP outside my country

    Is it possible to connect to an isp that's outside my country as I'm really fed up of my 2mb/s speed. If yes, please explain how can it be done and what measures are to be taken.
  14. U

    Question [Solved] PC doesn't use full bandwidth

    Hey there I'm currently having some issues regarding my bandwith: my PC doesn't nearly use the full bandwidth it gets. What im trying to say is that while shows me more or less my full bandwidth (200Mbit/s is our plan and speedtest shows 140 to 200Mbit/s), software like Steam...
  15. D

    Question Desktop Internet slower than other devices

    My desktop download speed is significantly lower than other devices. Whether they are on Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable does not seem to matter. Phone and tablet on Wi-Fi are getting over what I’m paying for. Same for PS4 & Laptop, except they are directly connected to the router with ethernet cable...
  16. L

    Question How can use general ethernet driver if official drivers aren't accessible?

    Hi! I have a little problem with an old ITX pc. It has a IPXLP-MB mobo (Dunno much else about it). I can't find drivers for it, and for my pci ethernet card to. Were different linux distros on it, everything went fine, i had lan and wifi (with dongle) without drivers needed to install, cuz all...