Question Motherboard not working after leak

Sep 23, 2021
So, about a week ago the liquid CPU cooler leaked inside my computer leaked. When the cooler leaked, the computer turned itself on for about 20-30 seconds before I turned it off (I was in bed at the time and got startled awake by it turning on) although I didn't discover the leak until 2 hours later. (link to photos of leak)
The motherboard got the wettest, so I took everything out of the case (except the motherboard as I didn't know how to remove it and patted dry what I could with a tissue kitchen towel and left the case open for the motherboard to air dry for three days.
Today I reconnected just the motherboard and fans to the PSU to see if my PC would startup.
The motherboard lights came on (link to photos), but when I pressed the start button on my case, nothing happened. Neither the motherboard nor the fans started up.
I rechecked all the required cables for the motherboard were plugged in and tried again, but still, nothing happens.

(My brother built my pc, but as he is sadly no longer with us so I'm at a loss as I am not very knowledgable about computers)

Can anyone help? Is my motherboard dead?
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  1. Don't start the computer without a heatsink, that is just begging for trouble.
  2. The system can't boot without RAM.
  3. You have used too much thermal paste on the previous cooler install (not really a problem, just use less this time)
LGA 2011, just pick up a cheap CPU cooler (make sure it is also compatible with AM4 / LGA115x/1200, just in case you do need a new board)

Can't really give you an answer until you've attempted a proper boot. But if it was running when it leaked, there is a potential for it to be dead.