Question Motherboard or PSU problem?

Aug 14, 2019
Hello, so today my PC seems to be dead for some reason. I used it yesterday to play some games and it worked just fine, i turned off the PC correctly and even unplugged the power chords from the wall.

Today, i tried to turn it on but it didn't turn on. The fans don't move, there is no display. I didn't flip the power supply switch or anything. My mouse still gives out flash but it doesn't respond.

What i tried to find a cause:
  1. Tried plugging the PC to the wall except for the Power Stabilizer that i use, nothing
  2. Tried to connecting my old pc using the same chords and it ran fine.
  3. Reseated my RAM and i still got no response.
  4. Tried plugging all the wires correctly on the motherboard but it still didn't work.
I personally really don't know much how to build or remove components of pc and i bought this system from someone else 2-3 months ago.

System: AMD Ryzen 2200G, Vega 8 Graphics
PSU, Corsair VS550
Motherboard, Gigabyte A320-S2H
RAM, HyperX 8GB DDR4

I have no clue wtf is wrong with it, there aren't really any visible damages on the motherboard or any pungent smells. The problem is that it is impossible to find an AM4 motherboard where i live so i can't even try putting it in a different motherboard and i really hope its just my psu that messed up.
Thanks for reading and i hope anyone respond to it asap, i'll try to keep updated on what happens


Dec 9, 2018
Try to power on the system with nothing plugged on except for cpu and cpu cooler. You can put the ram on the desk. If you can't remember how to plug back the front panel cables then leave them in. Make sure the monitor is on and connected to the motherboard. If you get no display or beeps, then the problem is either the motherboard or the power supply. The VS series are not very good units after all. Try to swap the power supply with the one in the old pc (if both have a 24 or 20+4 pin connector). If that doesn't work it might be the cpu (but that's likely the last component to die on a computer); probably the motherboard then.
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Jul 16, 2019
Possibly power issue. I dont recommend to use the Psu, it can cause problems if it goes trough your Mobo protection. You Should get a bigger New Psu. If the problem still occurs the Mobo might be dead I hope not.