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Question Mouse frequently disconnects

Jun 12, 2020
Whats up.

Bit of context: about 3 months ago i was experiencing frequent disconnects with my mouse (HyperX pulsefire core). Bought my new current mouse (cooler master mm710) and the problem stopped up, until just recently (the 5th of June). (also sometimes the keyboard disconnects and its always synced to whenever the mouse also disconnects)
So i am currently experiencing mouse and keyboard disconnects every 30s b4 it auto reconnects. I've tried all the basic <Mod Edit> like uninstalling devices, manually updating drivers, etc.

I have just noticed that under "devices and printers" my "MM710 gaming mouse" is listed as a "HID-com-pliant mouse" which is to be as expected, but its also listed as a "HID-compliant keyboard".

Not to mention when I do the same for my "HyperX alloy FPS keyboard" there is 2 "HID-compliant keyboards listed".

I have double checked this in device manager and sure enough when i expand the keyboard section there are 3 total "HID-compliant keyboards (1 normal keyboard + "mouse keyboard?" + extra non-existent keyboard). Also when you click properties on the keyboards and mice on device manager, then click on events, it all says it was configured on the 5th, the same day my mouse started experiencing disconnects.

I would like to delete the extra instances of the "keyboards" and see if that resolves the issue as so far nothing else has. Uninstalling them doesn't help as after the restart windows automatically re-installs the <Mod Edit>.

Any and all help is much appreciated! Thanks :)
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