Question Mouse Lag - Multiple Devices - Windows 10

Oct 3, 2020
Hi all,

I've been having this issue for the last few months.
I'm creating this post to see if I've missed anything!

Issue: My MS Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 has begun lagging/jumping the MS Wireless Keyboard 900
Will often miss my first keystroke.

Peripheral Kit:
MS Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000
MS Wireless Mouse 900 (For Testing)
MS Wireless Keyboard 900
Dell Wired Mouse (For Testing)

Testing Completed:

  • USB receiver connected to different USB ports
  • Cortana disabled in the registry
  • Stress Testing CPU
  • New OS Install
  • Replacement MS Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000
  • Disabling of 2.4Ghz network from access point
  • Remove of all but the key USB connections from the machine
The below capture recording is me going between the 4000 Mouse & then the 900 you'll see the jumping motion compared to the smooth movement of the 900.

MS Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 - Loads of lag sporadically no matter the placement of the receiver
MS Wireless Mouse 900 (For Testing) - A lot less lag but periods of jerky movement as with the above mouse.
Dell Wired Mouse (For Testing) - No lag noted

Trying to link this to something is a tough one as it’s so sporadic, I’ve switched to using the MS Wireless Mouse 900 & Keyboard because it’s more stable

I had a new Core V21 - Thermaltake UK case in February so I’m wondering if that as something to do with it, it does have usb’s at the front plugged into the MB header.

Other possibility is a GPU failing thus giving graphical lag? (Long shot)

Sorry, lots there as I wanted to get everything down I had tried to see if anything clicked!
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Wireless mouse/mice:

- Try new batteries

- Manually download drivers via the manufacturer's website. Reinstall and reconfigure.

- Use Task Manager and Resource Monitor (just one at a time) to observe system performance. Determine what else is running that may be grabbing system resources at the expense of the mouse.

[Side note: Stay out of the registry. Registry edits are a last resort and you should first back up the Registry, all data, and the entire system. Be sure that the backups are recoverable and readable.]