Mouse Problems Help

Apr 23, 2018
Well, I had a mouse which is mechanical and work perfect but the main problem is my wires got cut accidentally. So I took solder iron and desolder wires (I TOOK PICTURE HOW WIRES WAS SOLDERED) and solder a USB cable from older one, I did all close and slow so I don't break or desolder unwanted thing. I look if everything was fine and finished it all parts was back to the same place where it was, so when it comes to testing I plugged a mouse and it didn't want to work. So I took parts again off desolder and solder again since I DID AGAIN SLOW AND BE CAREFUL TO EVERYTHING watched image couple times, and after it came to testing didn't want to work again. Then I took another 3 USB cables which I tested with multimer all wires were good and working, I solderer again I WAS CAREFUL!! and still after came to test no succeed.

Then I took another one which is fully workable, I tested him pc load it and me can use the cursor. So I desolder wires took picture of everything, CAREFULLY desolder wires took another one cable solder, tested again no success, then I back old cable again no success. So I took look if I desolder anything important, searched online for that mouse, looked, board if something missing and all was fine and good, wires were at the same place and then on the testing still no success. So my question is WTF? I did all good, carefully and slow, tested all 10000% working mouse with 1000% working boards, LED light up but windows won't load it, even one that was 1000000% working.

Does anyone have the same issue? And if he knows how to resolve please tell me, I think these mouses are made for having fun with us...


I don't think anyone has had this issue. And if they did, they are extremely rare to find like yourself. Most people, when a mouse stops working, just buy another one. They aren't expensive, a basic mouse cost's about $5 USD.

So you say wires got cut? how did they get cut? By something metal like a knife or scissors? Was the mouse plugged in AND getting power to it (example: plugged into the PC while it is on) when the wire got cut? It's possible, if the scenario plays out the way I'm thinking it did with something metal cutting it WHILE it was plugged in AND getting power to it, that you shorted the mouse itself and it's dead and you need to just get a new one.