Multiple internet with specific outgoing routes


Sep 18, 2012
not sure if this is possible.

I have 2 dsl services coming in. I ended up separating 1 of them for a voip service.

the dsl service is very slow (am at the end of a line).

I have purchased a RocketHub using LTE with a data cap on it.

My office computers need to access a local database as well as specific internet sites (both through my Point of Sale program) as well as browser based. Speed is imperative here.

the computers have both wired and wireless connections (wireless currently disabled).

can i somehow route my known sites to the Rockethub and leave all the others to my dsl service.

thank you

It tends to be rather tedious.

Take both routers and connect the lan ports. Disable DHCP on one of the routers, assign the second router a static IP in same network as the first... ie if your main router is make the second router I would make dsl be your main router and the default.

Now the tough part. You need to manually add route command to each machine for each location you want to use your LTE.
For example ROUTE ADD mask
It will more than likely take you a few tries to get the list of ip addresses. You will have to experiment since some sites have multiple IP If you were to send one out the DSL and the other out the LTE the site will see it as 2 different external addresses flag it as a attack. To make matters worse you have to reissue all the route commands every time you reboot...put them in a .bat file run at logon is best.