Question My computer freezes during games what is causing it?

Jan 28, 2020
Hi ,
I have a ibuypower computer I bought from Best Buy. It has an MSI h11om pro vd plus (ms-7a15) Motherboard, A stock intel fan, a radeon RX 480 graphics card, an I5 6400 at 2.7 ghz default setting. When I recently bought Modern Warfare I started noticing every time I shoot a gamer online a mometary freeze happens and sometimes I get a blue screen, other times I have been getting black screens. Sometimes on the bigger maps especially I get immediately disconnected from the server. I notice that when i use MSI Command Center and manually set my processor speed to the turbo frequency of 3.7 ghz the game runs better but i get more shutdowns, blue screens, and disconnections... My computer also has these specs. A HPG-600ST-F12S power supply. I have 2 drives , a adata 130 gigabyte drive and a 341 Western digital old style drive, as well. The PC started out running better at the higher frequency of the processor, but I had more blue screens. Please help. Thanks ahead of time.