Question My computer recently started to crash more and more often whilst displaying a weird pattern of pixels

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Mar 31, 2019
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My PC:
Asus Strix Gtx 1080ti
16 gb RAM ddr4
2tb Barracuda 7200rpm
Noctua nh-d14

(I want to mention beforehand that the case I am using is full of pc vents, 3x Be Quiet Pure Wings2 140mm and a 120mm Nzxt Case Vent)
-Hello fellows! A week ago I put together the pc mentioned before. All the parts were new, excepting for the graphics card(It doesnt have a guarantee anymore).As a gamer I started playing on it a lot, about 4-5h a day, and recently(this started 3 days ago) my computer occasionaly started to crash(It froze and started displaying weirdly shaped and coloured pixels( as shown in the pictures in the links)) / /

The problem is, that it started happening more frequently and I got worried( every 45min of playtime it crashes, perhaps even more often).I need to add that rarely after approximately 3-4m of crashing it would go back to normal, on condition that I close the app that indirectly produced the crash, in my case: CSGO. The thing is that I mananged to download a cracked windows 10 pro and I don't know if it produces the crashes(because of the bad version or the bad installment). I asked a friend of mine and after I'd shown him the pictures you saw earlier he told me that the graphics card was the fault, which i truly hope it's not.

Please don't comment something like: "You shouldn't have bought it second-hand,etc.." I am desperate for your help. Please help me identify what is causing the problem. In case it's the graphics card, would it be worth to take it to a service in order to repair it?In the unfortunate event where the graphics card has some issues(Other than the crashes it does an amazing job!), would it be bad to keep playing on 2k and with max settings? Every advice is accepted. Do you think installing an official windows will erase the problems? I thank you for all the support in advance.
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May 4, 2019
Temps you are showing are very good. Have you tried updating your GPU drivers?

Uninstall your GTX drivers completely and go with a clean install of the drivers again. Make sure the GPU is well seated in its slot and the power cables are well plugged.
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funky pixels displayed is often indicative of a failing GPU, or, hopefully one starved of power.... (much easier to swap a $60 PSU than a $450 GPU)

If reseating any components, make sure system is not only shutdown, but, remove power from rear of PSU as well, as mainboards still have some trickle voltages present internally, including to PCI-e slots, even when shutdown, which supports Wake-On-LAN, etc..)


Sep 13, 2002
Well running a cracked version of windows 10 isn’t going to do you any favors....

I would use Microsoft tool to create a bootable windows 10 USB and perform a clean installation before wasting time with all the testing because if you don’t have a good solid OS and a legal OS then you don’t know what you’re dealing with
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