My flashdisk is recognised but cannot be seen

Are you sure that the correct solution to your problem is to "unprogram pid & vid"? The only case where I can think of that being useful is if you bought one of those fake flash drives.

What kind of drive is it? Did it ever work with any machine, or is the first time that you are using it? If it's new, have you tried formatting it? Does the BIOS detect it? Unless you are absolutely sure the the ID info is wrong, simpler troubleshooting steps should be taken first.

I strongly suggest that you read this article: , which describes repairing these values if you have a fake flash drive. Read the linked-to "Should I" article, too.


Jan 6, 2012

I use a brand kingstones 2 gb, beginning each time connected kekomputer always be detected by the computer, but not now, I see in device manager and there is a question mark labeled devices unknown ... how the solution should I do so that I can move data exist on the flash