Question My GPU won't register in the PCI-e x16 slot but will on the PCI-e x4 slot

Jul 22, 2021
My RTX 2080 won't register while plugged into the x16 slot but will on the x4. I tried a different GPU on the PCI-e x16 slot and had the same issue, second GPU works on the x4 slot as well. I've read a few other articles where people suggest updating bios (did that) and some people who say (on other motherboards) there's a way to enable/disable PCI-e slot, does this hold true for the Z590. I've done a bios update, tried booting with one stick of ram (tried every slot) used the x4 PCI-e Slot, booting with no storage devices. I also reseated the GPU and CPU and checked both for ang signs of damage or blockage in the ports.

-z590 Aorus elite ax (motherboard)
-Intel Core i9-10900KF 3.7 GHz LGA 1200 (CPU)
-RTX 2080Ti (GPU)
-Corsair AX 860 W 80+ Platinum Certified (PSU)
-G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 32 GB (4 x 8 GB) DDR4-3000 (RAM)