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Question My Internal HDD enclosed in external enclosure often crashes.

Oct 27, 2019
I bought a Segate 1TB 2.5" external hard-drive to add it in my laptop side by 128GB SSD but I couldn't. So I bought a External enclosure (Terabyte 2.5") to use the internal HDD as an external hard drive for everyday use, since 128GB is small for larger applications.

It worked good for sometime after it crashed changed the specific partition of that hard-drive to RAW file system. I didn't care it for the first time since I had brother who had backup of that drive since I recovered it easily. But after some time it crashed again, this time I lost all the data and started afresh.

This events frequented at varied intervals. I have been in hold of this hard drive for 6 months and it has been crashed upto 5 times including one today.

What may be the problem and how could I solve it?


Contact Seagate to RMA the drive. It's toast.

I would also change the external enclosure to a reputable one. This can be caused by one that is causing a power lose to the drive.
Therefor check and make sure the USB port isn't loose as well. Use a flashdrive and see if that looses connection too .
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