Question My kettle plug keeps making a small explosion randomly

Sep 16, 2020
So I recently bought a prebuilt to avoid the stress of ordering and making the pc. So the guys who i ordered the pc to sent me pics and it was working fine. Fans spinning and rgb cycling and all. They also stress test the pc for 72 hours. When I got the PC they told me to install the GPU myself since it was heavy and may be damaged in transit if let in. I also got a new monitor and it was working fine with the pc until after 10 mins or so, the monitor shows no input. After turning the pc off then on again the monitor again was working. 10 mins later same thing. Also the kettle plug had a lose connection and my socket extension board was too small for it leaving a small top bit of the pin exposed. It made an explosion sorta sound but the fans and stuff were still working ... so I bought a new board which completely accomodates the pin however the explosion still happened. So essentially I guess these are 2 seperate issues. The monitor works fine with my laptop and i tried dp and hdmi to connect it with the gpu, none work ...... Please help me. Btw the psu is a Corsair CX 750, Mobo is ASUS ROG Strix B550 F Wifi and the GPU is a Gigabyte Windforce RTX 2070 Super