My keyboard is all screwed up


Jan 3, 2010
My keyboard works fine for typing, whether right here or in any sort of search box. Though when i press and hold a key my "performance" in the task manager skyrockets to 100% usage. This greatly affects me in video games when i am trying to move. I will press say "w" to walk forward and the game will freeze until i release the key. then i appear where i intended on going. I use a ps/2 keyboard and wondering if using a usb may stop this problem? Any suggestions on a fix other than purchasing a new keyboard?
No. I use a wireless keyboard and mouse, which I bought at frys on black friday for $5 after rebate. They work fine, but the mouse occassionally stutters, which is normal for wireless. But I wouldn't go back to ps2 or usb. Wireless works with a battery in both the keyboard and mouse, and a usb plug in device.