Question My motherboard LEDs are flashing orange when power on, can’t boot ?

May 3, 2021
So I’ve been having major problems with my PC it was built last year so everything was fairly new we had a power surge and my rookie mistake didn’t realize the power strip wasn’t a surge protector which ruined my mobo and ssd. I replaced the mobo with the same one (a B450 aorus pro WiFi upgraded to a WD Blue M.2 2tb SSD) and when I installed it today my bios wouldn’t recognize the M.2 SSD.

I switched both M.2 slots to see if it was that, nothing. Unplugged the sata cable to my old ssd and was on my phone trouble shooting, went to look through bios then found out I was frozen in bios. I hit the power button to turn off PC, tried to reboot and got flashing orange LEDs. I’ve put a lot into this pc lately and idk what to do next ?


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We're going to need a little more information. Please list the specs to your build like so:

You might've ended up with a ruined PSU as well, if the PSU isn't a reliably built unit. Again, I'm assuming this since it's not mentioned above. It's also possible that other components had been taken out during the power surge.

With only the M.2 drive(s) populating the board, and no SATA ports occupied do you see anything in BIOS? Speaking of which, what BIOS version are you currently working with on the motherboard?
May 3, 2021
my specs are
CPU: and ryzen 5
Mobo: B450 aorus pro WiFi
Ram: 2x Corsair vengeance pro 16gb 3200mhz
Ssd: WD Blue M.2 2tb
GPU: GeForce GTX 1070Ti
PSU:MWE 650 Gold full modular
Chassis: cooler master master px TD500

So since the power I’ve replaced the mobo with the same one because I thought that was the problem but when I plugged it in still wouldn’t let me boot I was just stuck at logo screen. Then I unplugged my old ssd from sata cable and restarted and booted to bios so I knew it was a corrupted ssd so I bought an M.2 SSD and installed it and it wouldn’t recognize the M.2 SSD. After my 3rd time switching it I went to turn it on and it booted to bios and froze. From then I turned off the power and when I go to even turn on the PSU switch at the back my mobo leds flash orange slowly.

My current bios version is F51 very outdated but only because I haven’t been able to update it cause I’ve ran into problem of it not recognizing my M.2 SSD, plus I can’t even get into bios.